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Evolution Of Logo Design Essay

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When somebody drives through a town, what might they see? Buildings, billboards, and signs may come to mind. What might they see on the buildings, billboards, and signs? Most of them would probably contain a logo. A logo is a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify itself. Designs for logos and thoughts of logos have always been evolving and changing throughout time and many companies choose to modernize themselves in the culture of the time period they are in by changing and tweaking their logo to be more appealing. There is plenty of evidence to back these statements as many famous companies have had logos that have changed and developed over time. Something one ...view middle of the document...

The original shape of the logo, however has gone unchanged since its creation 38 years ago. Apple has been one of the more successful corporations in the world and their logo has evolved with time.
When one is asked “what is the most famous German car manufacturer?” a common answer could be Volkswagen. Their famous V and W logo inside a blue circle with a white and blue stroke can be recognized fairly easily by most people. If one would search Volkswagen logo evolution on the internet they would find that the logo has changed with time but not drastically and that the company has kept the same concept of their logo throughout their history. A common misconception people have is that in order to evolve a logo, you must completely change it. Volkswagen proves to be quite the opposite. In the 1930’s the car company introduced the VW logo with the V sitting on top of the W inside of a circle. The logo still exists today although slight changes have been made. For example, the first logo had what somewhat resembled wings on the outside of the circle as well as the circle having squares around the outside being made to look like a gear. In 1939 they lost the wings and just went with the gear with the letters in the inside. Starting in 1960, they lost the gear look and went to a normal circle and placed the logo inside of a square. 7 years after they decided to scrap the square and change the color from black and white to blue and white. The logo got another update in 1978 when they added flipped the colors, making the circle blue instead of white and the letters white instead of blue. They also added a white outline around the circle and then a blue outline outside of the white outline. From 1995 to 1999, Volkswagen adjusted the shade of blue the logo was made in. That brings us to the change that made the modern day logo. As stated above, some companies tend to make their logos look shiny and futuristic. Volkswagen falls into this category. They bevel and embossed the logo to make it look 3-D and added a light reflection to make it look like the logo is made of a shined metal. The Volkswagen Company has changed the logo numerous times, but the core of the logo has gone unchanged and they have kept their identity throughout the re-brandings.
When somebody is asked what their favorite cola is, there is a common three word question. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi is considered one of the top soft drinks in America and has a fairly recognizable logo. They started in 1898 with serif text. The serifs in the P in Pepsi and the C in cola connected as an underline for the word Pepsi. Pepsi decided in 1906 to add the word drink to the serif connected to the letter...

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