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Evolution Of Logos Essay

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When it comes to logos, brands like Google or Coca-Cola might be the first thing to come to mind. Which says a lot about their company. These logos are instantly recognized everywhere in the world. If a company wants to be successful, and Google and Coca-Cola are very successful, the company must be recognized. For a company to be recognized, it must have a great logo.
But what is a logo? A logo is a design to so that others can recognize a brand or a company. But what is more important is the question of what goes into making a logo. It is not some random stroke of a pen with the company’s name thrown on it (usually), but actually takes time to learn about the company. Questions like who ...view middle of the document...

For businesses just starting out, it is not uncommon to have a very straight forward logo. You might have a product of yours with the name of your company around it. Which is actually a great start. The reason being is nobody starts of famous. For example, Starbucks is currently the number one coffee shop in the world. Their logo today is just a mermaid, but it is more than that. It represents the largest, most recognized coffee shop in the world. But they did not get there over night. Nobody would think a mermaid is a symbol of coffee out of the blue. Starting in 1971, Starbucks’ logo still had their mermaid, but it was also surrounded by, “Starbucks – Coffee – Tea – Spices.”, because without it nobody would know what it is this business is trying to sell. As time went on, he decided it was time for a new logo, a simplified mermaid with Starbuck – Coffee bannered around it. Today, they no longer have Starbucks on their logo. It is not necessary because that mermaid is so recognizable.
Another company whose logo is internationally recognized is the one with the two golden arches, McDonald’s. When the restaurant initially opened in 1940, they did not have a logo at all. The just had McDonald’s Famous Barbecue. It stayed that way for eight years until they changed the barbecue to hamburgers and added a person over the McDonald’s font. Although the logo would change two more times from 1948 – 1968, the hamburger guy had stayed to see a new logo take over. From 1960 – 1968, McDonald’s logo had the hamburger guy with the two arches that form the letter M. Unfortunately for the hamburger guy, those arches would be his replacement from then on. McDonald’s would go on to make slight changes to their logo and even expanding it for different occasions. They have a logo that was only used...

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