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Evolution Of Our World Essay

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Brave New World is a form of the world we all seek to live in; in many respects it is a utopian society. However, it is this not because the society itself is perfect, but because it simply makes all acts that are now considered evil a standard of living. You cannot achieve true happiness by simply giving up your moral standards, to do so is not only unethical but is unbecoming of a truly content person. The Brave New World's level of satisfaction may be our goal, but the world itself should never be our destination.The main reason that the Brave New World should never come to be is that the people are happy only because they are ignorant. In the Brave New Worldhappiness comes from drugs and brain washing, not understanding. Lenina is quintessential to this, her dependency on the flawed logic of sleep teaching and soma to keep her happy shows us that she is incapable of understanding the reality around her and consequently cannot come to terms with it or be happy. The use of soma is another example of the false joy that is the Brave New World the use of the disgusting drug to put them in a plane of an absence of thought whenever they come across the slightest problem.With the necessity of sleep teaching and soma comes the necessity of the same world, but change is constant. The world will go under a dramatic change sometime and the Brave New World is not prepared to deal it. The way the characters, who have realized that they have been trained to think one, way react to different environments are very different to the...

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