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Evolution Of Pr Essay

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As people had the urge to communicate there was a power of public opinions to move people’s thoughts, choices and actions. Public relations had gone through four different traditions before evolving. These include rhetoricians, press agents, journalistic traditions, and to the two-way communication that now faces a few professional challenges.
Rhetoricians were speechmakers which provided communication services. The very first rhetoricians were seen in Greece. They would use persuasive skills to determine whether an argument could be considered true or false. Rhetoricians’ goal was to influence the public through what was being said, rather than what was being done. Since voice mattered a ...view middle of the document...

Some such as Gandhi would use nonviolent events to draw attention to the public. However, after sometime journalists realized that press agents were manipulating promoters and they no longer went to any of their events leading to better journalistic traditions with the start of the Industrial Revolution.
As society changed, the Industrial Revolution had paved a way for a new public relations practice. Some of the issues facing this time period include the number of immigrants were doubling, a stressful urban life, and a huge distinction between the bosses and workers. Although businesses were earning huge profits they began losing public support. Workers out of spite began forming unions. As a result, businesses were then forced into more government regulations and getting increasing criticism from the press. It became companies versus unions and the public. Businesses quickly realized that press agentry methods of manipulation and deception were inappropriate for a company thus, allowing public relations to broaden. Public Relations had shifted from an era of deception and false information to the distribution of accurate persuasive information. For example, Charles Eliot-Harvard’s President- spoke about the need to use public opinion to influence learning. With World War I taking place, it led to a persuasive publicity propaganda program. Edward Bernays believed that we were able to persuade people as long as it was a part of their beliefs and values.
As Bernays tried a persuasive approach, Arthur Page- a successful businessman- believed that public relations was a broad management which dealt with both the journalism public and persuasive means of communication. As Civil rights, urban development, and other issues began to take place which involved citizen involvement and public relationship to determine how stakeholders were affected by changes in land use, zones, and community development. The need for citizen...

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