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Hospitals/inpatient care settings evolved to address the most acute care needs for injuries, illness and disease. Their infrastructure was designed to support physicians in treating their patients by providing the staffing, technology, ancillary services and physical plant accommodations necessary for purposes of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. This system is funded primarily through Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance, though there are also Veteran’s Administration facilities and charitable care organizations. Private pay funds only a small percentage of the care provided within this system.

A system of Long-term services and supports (LTSS) developed to assist those with a ...view middle of the document...

The mental health system spans acute and non-acute as well as ambulatory settings, and is disproportionately funded through Medicare, Medicaid and other federal and state programs due to limits that are typically imposed under private health insurance plans. While there are recent mental health parity laws and requirements for mental health benefits as Essential Health Benefits under the ACA, the impact of these provisions remains to be seen. Parity rules do not fully apply to Medicaid programs, and though Medicaid programs tend to have the most generous mental health benefits, funding these services often takes a back seat to the funding needs of acute medical services.

All three systems evolved due to their distinct needs in the areas of specialty professional training, paraprofessional skillsets and the least restrictive/intensive setting necessary to safely and effectively provide care. However, with today’s rapidly advancing technologies, the lines regarding care settings are blurred in that services and procedures that once could only practically be delivered in more structured settings can now be deployed at the ambulatory delivery level, often even in the patient’s home. Further, many of...

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