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Evolution Of The M Usic Industry Essay

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Music is a big part of our culture and as our culture has transitioned so has our music. Important events that happen in our society affect our culture. Each individual song has a unique background just like every person has a background. Music styles are not the only things that change. Production styles of music as well as the market for music can change as well. Like how music started with live concerts then the markets changed which required a change in production which lead into records and cds, the cd market started to fall through so we decided to revolutionize the way of receiving music with the internet.
The beginning of the music industry was unique because it wasn’t all about how ...view middle of the document...

Even though they were making more money they still weren’t making enough to cover the costs of the records and the percent that goes to the artist. So just like before they had to think of a new revolutionary idea that will forever change the music industry. After having a little trouble they had a reasonable idea they could make a smaller more portable version of the record called a compact disc or cd. This disc would be cheaper to make and bring in more revenue.
Once again this new form of music was a major change to the world of music. Their idea of a cd allowed music to be played in cars and taken on trips without the fear of them being broken so easily unlike the record cds were modern and fit to the new ever changing society. The really amazing thing about this cd is that it could be uploaded to a computer and put into a file. This was considered good until music companies realized the ugly truth that this ability brought on. People realized that you could share this music like you share files once they are uploaded onto a computer. The use of “internet file sharing” (2) ended up costing the music thousands of dollars.
Eventually someone came up with the idea to make this play to the music industries strength. Along with sharing music being declared illegal a company also made it where you could buy music and sync the music onto a portable device called an mp3 player via usb. This idea is what really changed the music industry for good, but in the end every good thing has a bad side. The bad side to this is that it makes easier to steal music off of...

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