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Evolution Over Creationism For The Public School System

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“On one hand, you’ve got kids going to Sunday school, and they’re telling them that God created them, and then they go to school and they’re being taught that man evolved from an ape” (White, Gary). The argument has taken the better part of a century, as to if creationism or evolution should be taught in public schools (Vedantam, Shankar); and no closer have we came to deciding which idea or more appropriately which theory should be taught to the youth of America. Roughly twenty to twenty-five percent of public school educators holding creationist views and nearly all the text books used currently contain evolution as their founding principle (Dean, Cornelia). All of the confusion over whose theory is more correct or viable for the American public school system, has caused quite a stir the between religious views which are well established theories and the undeniable facts of evolution. Additionally, Darwinism which is the official name for the theory of evolution is able to provide accurate predictions, which creationism for the vast majority of the time cannot provide; which is why evolution is a more practical model of science to teach in American public schools.
Charles Darwin the creator of the theory of Darwinism, which would later evolve into The “Intelligent Design” Model which we know as the “Evolution” model changed our world by making a simple observation that conflicted with the current dominant views of the time, which was that all animals did not extend from a common ancestor. (Dean, Cornelia) The evolution theory has given us a totally different way to look at the world that surrounds us, by making observations and making conclusions that are able to be backed up with experiments and explaining many preexisting scenarios that are around us with a repeatable explanation. For example, a monkey we have become comfortable with the understanding that man has evolved from the Apes to the modern humans of today. Evolutionist have concluded this from the similarities between us and the Apes, and the Pre-Historic remains of Neanderthals which have come close to closing the gap between us and the Apes. However, the creationist believe that animals do not all extend from a common ancestor, with very little evidence for this theory. But not only is common decent a controversial thought, the creationist believe that the earth came before the sun, that vegetation came before the sun, that the oceans came before the dry land, man before death, global flooding, Noah’s ark, moon before the sun, atmosphere between two layers of water, everything extends from seven groups of animals, and that death is not a necessary part of life, and instead the sins of man are what cause death. Nearly all of these creationist theories are able to be proven incorrect and impractical compared with the postulations that evolution is able to make and prove using the scientific method.
Darwinism has been the most widely accepted scientific theory for the last...

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