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Evolution Should Be Required To Be Taught In School

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Evolution occurs biologically and organically and it refers to the change of organisms, rather natural or with external modification, over many generations of time (Young 3). Although not completely proven, evolution is widely accepted by the scientific community who has expressively proven this information with the inability for skeptics to disprove the theory of evolution (Scott 11; Young 3). Those with religious views of creationism believe that God created humans rather than in the evolution of human beings; this is an antiscientific point of view (Cracraft para 3). For many years now, people with an antiscientific point of view have tried to remove evolution from the curriculum, change ...view middle of the document...

Although society regards evolution only as a theory, scientists accept it as one of the most substantial and just theories in all of scientific history (Young 3). One cannot argue that it schools should not be teaching evolution simply because scientists have not proven it yet. Should teachers avoid teaching gravity as well because it is technically only a theory? No matter what one’s belief is, they should accept what new information science has to offer. For example, scientists are almost certain that Homo sapiens evolved from chimps due to the astounding 98.4% genetic similarity between the two (Scott 9). Even though there is not a 100% guarantee it is obviously extremely likely that humans did, in fact, evolve from chimps due to the similar looks, characteristics, and genetic make-up. The definition of evolution is “the widespread change of a genetic trait within a population. Finally, if the population evolves so far that it cannot normally interbreed with the ancestral population, we say that it has evolved” (Young 3). Indeed, this has notably occurred, so scientists can claim evolution as a proven theory, or a fact. Scientists accept evolution because of the vast amounts of evidence it has behind it. After extensive research between religions and evolution, scientists of every religion, regardless of their beliefs conclude that evolution is the best explanation for where humans came from and accept it as a fact (Scott 11; Young 8; Young 10).
Many fear teaching evolution will lead to atheism, or the lack of a belief in God (Young 9). Without religious beliefs, many worry that lack of purpose and immorality will occur (Young 8). They deny evolution because they believe that they must have a God-given purpose in this universe or their life is fruitless (Young 9). In addition, many think that evolution does not explain morality of humans so, in return, will lead to immorality because they do not feel obligated to have morality by God (Young 8). It is obvious that these people do not want evolution in school simply because they do not want to believe the fact themselves (Scott 9). Scientists and philosophers call this the appeal to the consequence. The appeal to the consequence is a logical fallacy that people use to reject a fact because they see the results of accepting this fact as negative or objectionable (Young 9). Regardless of whether or not informing students of evolution will lead to atheism, it is proven scientific material that would be ignorant to deprive students of (Cracraft para 4; Young 9; Young 10).
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