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Evolution Theory And Christian Faith Essay

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evolution teory and christian faith


The roots of evolutionist thinking appears contemporary with dogmatic belief that try hard to deny creation . The majority of the pagan philosophers in ancient Greece defended the idea of ​​evolution . If we look at the history of philosophy , we will see that the idea of ​​evolution has sustained many pagan philosophy .

But not this ancient pagan philosophy that has been instrumental in the birth and development of modern science , but faith in God .

In general, those who pioneered modern science believed in His existence . While studying science , they sought to discover the universe that has been created by God and reveal the laws and the details in his creation . Astronomy experts such as Leonardo da Vinci , Copernicus , Keppler and Galileo ; father of paleontology , Cuvier ; pioneer of botany and zoology , Linnaeus ; and Isaac Newton , which is dubbed as "the greatest scientist that ever existed " , all studied science believing not only the existence of God , but also that the entire universe is His creation .

1 . Albert Einstein , who is regarded as the greatest genius of our time , is a scientist who believes in God and declared , " I can not conceive of a genuine scientist without that profound faith . Proverbial : science without religion would be crippled . "

2 . One of the founders of modern physics , German physician Max Planck said that every person , who studied science in earnest , will be read at the palace gates science a word : " Believe " . Faith is an important attribute of a scientist .

3 . Theory of evolution is the materialist philosophy that surfaced with the reawakening of ancient materialistic philosophies and became widespread in the 19th century . As mentioned earlier , materialism seeks to explain through purely natural factors - factors matter .

For refusing creation , this view states that everything , living or non-living , but appears not through the creation of a coincidence event then achieving orderly condition . However , the human mind is so structured as to comprehend the existence of an organizing will wherever it sees order . Materialistic philosophy , which is contrary to the most fundamental characteristic of the human mind , produced "the theory of evolution " mid- 19th century .

Darwin imaginary person who put forward the theory of evolution as it is defended today , was an amateur English naturalist , CharlesRobertDarwin . Darwin was never a formal education in the field of biologi.Ia only an amateur interest in nature and the creatures hidup.Minat pushed voluntarily join an expedition on a ship named HMSBeagle , which set out from England in 1832 and parts of five ver dunias years .

Young Darwin was amazed to see the variety of living species , especially the types of certain finches in the Galapagos Islands . He thought that the variation in these birds beak due to their adaptation to the habitat ....

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