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Evolution Through The Ages Essay

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Jamesian Lennox
Europeans had explored the world and colonized many places. Without European exploration, many things today would be very different. But first, these are the reasons they went out and explored in the first place. God, gold and glory were the main reasons. The Europeans went out to find new land because they were looking for gold and precious metal. Gold was important to them because it would bring wealth and power to whoever finds it and the country they came from. They wanted to spread Christianity throughout the world and the best way to do that was to spread it throughout all the new places they explored. Furthermore, the country that controlled more land ...view middle of the document...

Christopher Columbus was the first to discover North America, which he discovered by accident. He meant to travel to India, thinking the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans were connected and was trying to find a new trade route that was easier and quicker. People had mistaken the size of Asia, Europe and Africa so they thought it would take less time to travel the other way around. When they came to America, they didn’t care for the natives there very much. They pushed them aside unless it was for trade. They took control over a lot of land the natives had owned.
Jamesian Lennox
The American Revolutionary War, also referred to as the American War of Independence, was a war that lasted from 1775 to 1783. One of the main reasons that the colonists rebelled against Great Britain is that they felt they were not represented in the British government. The British government was making new laws and taxes on the colonies, but the colonies had no say in them. They wanted to have some say in the British government if they were going to pay high taxes and have to live by British law. They felt it was unfair to them if they didn’t get their own freedom. The War of Independence was a war for the people from Europe living in North America to separate from Britain and become their own country. The war ended when the British gave up on fighting the colonists. The Declaration of Independence was signed and it signified that America was now a free country.

Jamesian Lennox
The French Revolution occurred from 1789 to 1799, and was a revolution that changed France and Europe forever. It started when there was an economic crisis and the King decided to tax the commoners more, even though 97% of people were already struggling to survive. Riots started and revolutionists stormed the castle of Bastille, which was the central of the Royal power. France adopted a new declaration of human rights which states that men are equal and free and remain equal in rights. This was a major change to France because it is no longer was ruled under an unfair monarchy. The war ended when a man named Napoleon overthrew the French dictators by capturing the France legislative. This revolution played a crucial part in the development of Europe and France because this was one of the only times where everyone was equal to one another no matter what. Unfortunately, this didn’t include women or slaves, so they didn’t have many rights compared to...

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