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Evolutionary And Culutural Impact On The Language Differences In The Genders

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Even though men and women speak the same language, they speak it very differently. The different forms of English they speak can cause communication problems between them. About half of marriages today in America end in divorce and a lack of communication is one of the main reasons for divorce. Sometimes, it may not be an actual lack of communication but rather a perceived one. Men and women communicate very different from each other. Evolutionary and cultural roles are the main influences on why men and women speak differently.
Lots of people tend to use the words “sex” and “gender” interchangeably. However, according to Gender in Sociolinguistics and Anthropology. “I use the term “sex” ...view middle of the document...

Evolution is survival of the fittest. Fitness, from an evolutionary standpoint, does not mean pure survival by having good genes but being able to pass on those genes to offspring. The sexes speak differently based on past human survival skills.
The survival skills needed for males and females were completely different. Different skills were needed because of the different roles of men and women. “Women gathered and men hunted, women nurtured infants and men fought other men. This made it adaptive for the two sexes to have different skills and traits (e.g. for women to be more empathetic and men more aggressive” (Cameron 4). Men needed aggression because the nature of their roles was aggressive. Since a man’s two main roles were hunting and fighting (both involve killing), men were more aggressive. A woman’s two main roles were gathering and nurturing. Both are relatively non-aggressive. Women had to be tender and gentle to be able to accomplish these tasks. These past evolutionary roles directly impacted human language.
Another evolutionary impact on language was mate choice and reproduction. From an evolutionary standpoint, you want your genes to be passed on. Men have more opportunities to pass on their genes and “the number of offspring they carry their genes is closely related to the frequency with which they mate” (Cameron 4). This causes men to be more aggressive and competitive. They want to reproduce with as many females as possible. Women have less changes to pass on their genes, “for them what matters most is ensuring those they do produce survive” (Cameron 4). Women want their children to survive. In order to do this, the man who she mates with must have good genes too. This is another reason why men are more competitive from an evolutionary standpoint. They want to prove themselves worthy to reproduce with a women. Women need to be more cautious to...

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