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Evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo) has been instituted in the early 1980s as a distinctive field of study to characterize the new synthesis of evolution hypothesis (Müller, 2007). Evo-devo has been regarded as a new rule in evolutionary biology and complement to the neo- Darwinian theories. It has formed from the molecular developmental biology and evolutionary molecular genetics that their integration helps to greatly understand both of them into the recent evo-devo. Evo-devo as discipline has been explored the role of the process of individual development and the evolutionary phenotype changes that is mean the developmental procedure by which single-celled zygotes grow to be multicellular organisms. Alterations in the developmental program frequently cause differences in adult morphology. When these alterations are helpful, they grow to be fixed in a population and can make the evolution of new phyla. The evo-devo seeks to know how new groups happen by understanding how the method of development has evolved in different lineages. In other word, Evo-devo explained the interaction between phenotype and genotype (Hall, 2007). Explanation the morphological novelty evolutionary origin is one of the middle challenges in current biology of evolutionary and is intertwined with the energetic discussion regarding how to connect biology of developmental to standard perspectives from theory of evolutionary (Laubichler, 2010). Large number of theoretical and experiential efforts are being devoted to novelties that have exercised biologists for more than one hundred years, for instance the fins basis in fish, the fin-to limb change and the feathers evolution. Biology of developmental promises to formulate a main contribution to these explanations, in division as phenotype and genotype relationship that underlie patterns of difference are studied by tools from embryology and developmental genetics (Kirschner and Gerhart, 2005). The renaissance of investigations into difficulties that insist an effort from developmental researchers has catapulted the impression of novelty to the attention in evolutionary research. Also, Oakley, (2007) stated that, novelty is regularly bounded by controversies that contain debates regarding its meaning as well as difference over whether it is explained sufficiently by different forms of regulation of gene. Evo-devo conceive like an integration of numerous biological fields, where genetics of developmental is only one between some intersecting approaches (Müller, 2007). The relationship between evo-devo and neo-Darwinian theory of evolutionary is mainly contested (Hoekstra and Coyne 2007). This essay will look at the major themes of evo- devo and how it contributes to understand the evolution.

How to do evo-devo?
A standard procedure for conducting eve-devo does not survive. Nevertheless, numerous ordinary steps are involved, as well as useful trait evolution and functions in a phylogenetic context,...

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