Evolutionary Views Of Rape And South Africa

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Throughout the years, several scientists have attempted to answer a question that seems to have no answer. The question being: why do men rape? Rape is defined as a form of sexual intercourse, where one of the parties does not consent to the action. There are many theories in regards to the evolutionary perspective of rape. The most common theories are that rape is a form of adaption, or raping as an evolutionary by-product. In two provinces of South Africa, Eastern Cape and KwaZula, thousands of rapes are reported every year. Studies have been conducted in hopes of figuring out what generates the need to rape.
In the case of rape as a form of adaption, it was brought forth in the belief that rape is a tactic to increase the male reproductive success when the gains outweigh the costs (Denno, 1999). Reproductive success is defined as genes that are passed on to their offspring that can potential be passed on to future generations. Rape as an adaption model declares that males who lack the resources to attract mates, have developed a strategy also known as rape, in which they force females to copulate in order to pass on their genes. This strategy was developed in belief that without rape, certain males would have a lesser chance of reproductive success (Palmer, 1991). Here the gains outweigh the cost. Males who rape have little to lose when committing this act of violence, but if successful they gain the opportunity of their genes being passed on to future generations if the offspring survive.
When discussing rape as a by-product we take a closer look into differences of the mating game plan between males and females. Such differences include but are not limited to the emotional, mental, physical, and behavior that make up a male and female’s sexuality (Denno, 1999). Men are established to have greater sex drive and are more likely to agree to sexual intercourse (Palmer, 1991). Women on the other hand, are more choosey in whom they decide to mate with, because they want someone who can sustain them and their children if any (Miller & Kanazawa, 2007). The physiological components of males urging them to have a higher sexual desire came upon to decrease the chances of males missing out on a potential mate (Palmer, 1991). Just as the adaption theory, rape as a by-product is reproductive driven (Denno, 1999).
Rape in not only directed towards women, but to men as well. In today’s society, it is rare that men report any acts of “rape” towards them compared to the number of rapes reported by women. In both cases, victims of rape refuse to report these acts against them because they are trying to avoid societies stereotypes, and deal with the emotional and mental damage that was cause (Jewkes, Sikweyiya, Morrell, & Dunkle, 2012). Men are less likely to report being raped because societies views men as being strong and indestructible, and that rape can not happen to them because men always want sex. When women commit actions of rape it can be to...

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