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Evolving Definition Of Social Work Essay

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IntroductionThe definition of social work is progressive and encourages flexibility within the profession. Defining Social Work for the 21st Century characterizes social work in a contemporary and broad fashion; A Differential Model of Advocacy in Social Work Practice examines the pivotal role of advocacy in the definition; and, Integrating Social Work Methods is a prescriptive outline of a social worker's role. The significant aspect of social work is the promotion of social change with relationship to people and their environments. Five frameworks were used to establish the unique importance of the evolving components represented in the articles, as they are equally valuable in different contexts.PurposeThe initial step of the social worker is to look at the person-in-environment according to Isadora Hare (2004). This inspires the social workers to promote social change, which according to Hare (2004), is the primary reason for social work. The focus is on meeting human needs and developing human promise. Social workers must begin to solve inequalities and injustices in society. The social worker's purpose is to respond to those who are in dire need as well as those whom only request a helping hand. Pincus and Minahan (1977) states that the mission of social work is to help develop the client's ability to cope. Social work exists in society to give those in need a link to resources, centers and help they require. In this article the main purpose of social work is to improve social policies within society. The intention of social work is to protect the innocent and vulnerable; to help them find a more peaceful, stable and healthier life situation as expressed by Freddolino, Moxley, and Hyduk (2004). The underlying purpose is to improve the social conditions for those who are oppressed through support agencies.Purpose differs in its approach but not in objective. The fundamental purpose of social work is to help those who are unable to help themselves. It can be achieved through the improvement of social agencies, the development of reformed social policies or responding to the clients who are not only desperately in need but also to those who are in want of social aid.ValuesValues are "a key concept which needs to be dealt with in any description of practice" (Pincus & Minahan, 1977, p.92). Respect for equality, dignity, and worth are the most valued component in the worker-client relationship. Respecting a client's confidentiality is tantamount in effectively maintaining the worker-client relationship. Another important value is meeting human needs and developing human potential. Alleviating poverty and liberating vulnerable and oppressed people in order to promote social inclusion, plays a role in the values of social work. This profession started out to aid the vulnerable, such as children, the abused, and the poor. Pincus and Minahan state that "society has an obligation to ensure that people have access to the resources, services and...

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