Same Sex Marriage: A Critical Analysis Of Some Common Conservative Arguments

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The issue of same-sex marriage has quite polarized society. There are those who are in favour of total equality of right for homosexuals, and there are those who are completely against the presence of homosexuality in our society. Very rarely does one find middle ground. It may seem difficult to find a stance on this issue that is not rife with hypocrisy and doublespeak. Having researched the conservative arguments against gay marriage , it has become apparent that all of the non-religious arguments against same-sex marriage can be dismissed as false, unreasonable, or irrelevant. The religious arguments pose a different challenge since they are not based on anything strictly rational, and therefore they shall not be dealt with here.Some critics of same-sex marriage argue that it is unnatural. That homosexuality is merely a human social defect and that attraction to the same-sex is a learned behavior. According to them, animal societies are free of these social deviants and are inherently better. However they fail to recognize many recorded instances of homosexual behavior among animals . Many species of animals have displayed acts of anal sex, same-sex kissing and same-sex long-term pair bonding. Some people explain this away by claiming that animal homosexuality only arises when there is a shortage of the opposite sex. However this is not the case, and sometimes even the opposite is true. Of course, even if this were true, claiming that since something does not happen in nature it must be bad for humans is ridiculous. After all, animals do not participate in religious ceremonies, they do not practice medicine or build nuclear weapons to protect their precious bodily fluids from the commies, projects which many opponents of same-sex marriage are likely in favour of.Another argument against same-sex marriage is that the purpose of marriage is procreation. This may seem a reasonable argument at first, but then one realizes how full of holes it is. Traditional couples who are infertile or who chose not to have children are still allowed to get married. Women who have gone through menopause are still allowed to marry. If the purpose of marriage were procreation, all of these marriages would have to be dissolved. Elderly married couples would have their marriages dissolved as soon as the woman went through menopause, or if the man got a vasectomy. Also, just because a couple cannot procreate itself, it does not follow that they cannot raise a child. Adoption does exist, as does artificial insemination. Furthermore, with over six billion people on the planet (and growing), one may seriously challenge the view that we need an institution promoting rampant birthing .Homosexuals (bisexuals and male homosexuals primarily) are generally seen as more promiscuous and deviant than heterosexuals, for instance, the public perception of bathhouses. This leads directly to the view that they should be prevented from getting married. Wait, no it doesn't! If...

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