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All About Self Reliance Essay

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“Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self-reliance is one of the major writings that helped carve the ethnic American individualism and form the intellectual basis of today's writers.” (Liang) What is self-reliance you ask? As Emerson puts it, it’s relying on yourself instead of others. I believe in self-reliance because I believe in individuality. If people were to be more self-reliant they would stop worrying about other people and just focus on themselves. I strongly believe if people did that there would be less drama, and less rumors going around about people.
Self-reliance is your chance to take the bridles of our life and lead from the front. Yes, scary at first, taking over the controls of our life gives us real opportunities to expand our limits, and to explore the life we live. To give us the opportunity to discover more about our life and ourselves than if we are led through life by circumstance or others. Being self-reliant gives us a lot of freedom. This gives us the opportunity to open our eyes to new possibilities, to new prospects, and to new options. This is a great chance to give us the chance to look a new life, also to see and feel the excitement of life in action, and in our own lives. When you rely on yourself it gives you satisfaction. If dealt with honestly and with intelligence it can open up a new phase in our lives.
Emerson self-reliance and the saying, “Take care of your own needs and don’t depend on others outside yourself”, are related, because they’re both stating that you should depend on thy self before depending on anybody else. Although, I don’t think Emerson is saying that nobody else matters outside of yourself, I just think he’s saying that you should put yourself first. Do I believe that Emerson is saying that you should be able to believe what you want to believe and do what you want to do? Sort of, because I believe that he is saying that you should be able to believe what you want to believe despite of what others believe. Although, I don’t think he is saying just go out and do what you want to do, because if he was basically saying that he would be saying break the law; he is saying do what you think is right and not what others...

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