How A Good Print Advertisement Is Made?

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Advertisement is basically a collective term for public announcement designed for sale of a product or commodity or service. It can be informative, persuasive, misleading, boring or even useless. It is up to the producer of the advertisement that how does he makes it a good one. The first thing one needs to take into account is that it should attract readers no matter whoever the reader is. It should provide such a structure and organization that it could project its own image. It should also unify and provide some sort of consistency that it could make it self unique from the rest.Before making an advertisement one has to know some important facts about it to make it a successful one. The producer must know that who will be reading the advertisement or who will be the targeted audience. How motivated the audience is or where will the audience encounter this publication is important to know to make it a good advertisement. What image does one wants to project or what texts and graphics will he use is important to know because that is how he will make the readers job easier which is an essential factor to make a good print advertisement.An organization could create an image and achieve instant recognition by using consistent colors, page layouts or a logo, for example a company could achieve recognition is with a professional logo or a slogan. It should be the focal point of the advertisement and remember while creating a focal point that in western culture eyes move from left to right and from top to bottom.Smaller things are at times over looked by the producer which go on to make a big difference between a good advertisement and a mediocre one. Such as using headlines, one has to make sure that while using headlines it uses a larger type size or try a different, complimentary typeface. It could try some color or use action verbs, as it should be humorous. It has to be in such a type that it can tell who, what, when, where and why. With the headlines subheads are equally important as it breaks the copy into easy to read chunks. One should tie the subhead to the copy using, size color, typestyle, etc and it should also avoid it being on the bottom of a page or a column end. Emphasizing of special text type in such print advertisement is also essential to make it more attractive for the readers such as using boldface, italics, underlines, capital letters, etc. Overemphasizing of such text types might result in a negative way because it can reduce reading speed which no one wants while reading an advertisement. It could also reduce comprehension and legibility, which is not an ingredient of a successful advertisement. So while using special text types one has to take in account of its usage as it does not wants to be over or under done.Like texts colors are an important part of a print advertisement and they play a big role in attracting the readers. In an advertisement colors can be used for various reasons, it can be used in key words for...

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