How Country Lovers And The Gold Cadillac Tackle Racism

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How Country Lovers and the Gold Cadillac Tackle Racism

Country lovers, is a tale set in South Africa where whites are more
privileged than black people. The story is set during apartheid. This
is made clear in the first paragraph, as it says "…but once the white
children go away to school, they don't play together anymore." Also,
"…beginning to call their old play mates missus and baasie- little
master." It is made clear that separation occurs at an early age, this
is reinforced throughout the story. As it states later, whilst
discussing how Thebedi's father works on Paulus's family's farm "…it
was part of her fathers work to tend." It also mentions that Paulus's
family own a "Mercedes."

The story is written in third person. This is a more successful way of
writing for this particular piece, as the writer is directly able to
state what each character is feeling. This was very necessary in the
tale. The writer, on several occasions, suggests her disapproval by
stating the totally different paths their lives had taken, for example
"…Thebedi went for the first time, to the country town, where Paulus
had been to school."

When Paulus is sent away to boarding school, the process of apartheid
begins to get in the way of their friendship. Yet even when Paulus is
fifteen, when he is attending school dances and has learnt to "…tease,
flirt and fondle quite intimately," with other girls of his "league,
race or culture," he still returns to Thebedi. Even after he had many
other opportunities and experiences with other girls, I think he did
value Thebedi more, it reads "…had never made him feel what he felt
now." I think at first, Paulus tried not to let the fact their lives
were going, inevitably, in different directions get in the way. He
genuinely liked her and wanted to be just, her friend. It says,
"Paulus Eyesendyck did not seem to realise that Thebedi was now simply
one of the crowd of farm children down at the kraal, recognizable in
his sister's old clothes." Again, the difference in wealth and class
is mentioned again, the fact that Thebedi was so poor she had to wear
Paulus's sister's old clothes.

Unfortunately Paulus doesn't continue to be so kind and faithful. When
he returns back to school, after "making acquaintances," with Thebedi,
he was unfair in taking other girls out on dates. It says, "He took
the neighbours daughters' to dances." Thebedi still thought and longed
for him, we can tell this when she visits his home when he's gone
"…she knew she must come not to the river bed, but up to the house"

After Thebedi had given birth to Paulus's baby, despite the fact she
had a new husband, she hoped it would not show that the infant was
white. It says "…and it did not grow darker as most African babies
do." This is where we learn that the villagers are all...

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