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How Reliable A Narrator Do You Think Nick Is Based On What You Have

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How reliable a narrator do you think Nick is based on what you have
read in chapters 1 and 2 Throughout the opening of the book we meet
Nick Carroway and he exposes many strengths

How reliable a narrator do you think Nick is based on what you have
read in chapters 1 and 2

Throughout the opening of the book we meet Nick Carroway and he
exposes many strengths and weaknesses as the narrator of the book
“Great Gatsby”. In this essay I will explore what contributes to him
being reliable as well as his drawbacks as the narrator.

Nick is never directly involved in any of the events. He only ever
observes what is going on and this leads to a very unbiased outlook on
the events. If Nick was more involved he may not give the reader such
a clear outlook on the story line. This also suggests Nick is possibly
not used to being in social situations, like at Gatsby’s house party,
and this could hinder his interpretations of the events.

Nick continues to contradict himself throughout the first two
chapters. He ironically claims ‘I’m inclined to reserve all
judgements,’ yet makes judgements on character and situations
continually. This is evident when he first introduced Tom as having
‘two shining arrogant eyes.’ These judgements, particularly
surrounding Tom root back to as far as college where he claimed Tom
spending as a ‘matter for reproach.’ In reference to Jordan he said he
‘enjoyed looking at her’ and this affection could lead to his function
as narrator being less reliable. He initially treats Gatsby with
contempt claiming at the opening of the novel that Gatsby ‘represents
everything for which I have unaffected scorn.’

One of his most unreliable moments was when he got drunk, at a time of
prohibition. This was...

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