How Did The People Of The Renaissance Differ From Those In The Middle Ages

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How did the people of the Renaissance differ from those in the Middle Ages with regards to their attitude towards life, values, lifestyle, religious beliefs and appreciation of art." The Renaissance was a revival or rebirth of cultural awareness and learning among art, law, language, literature, philosophy, science, and mathematics, which occurred in the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It was a period, which saw the transition from the "dark ages" to modern times. In the "dark ages" people were only interested in fending for themselves. There was no interest in anything other than survival. When poor harvests and disease started leading to economic depression, wide-spread dissatisfaction resulted.A time was born when people started contemplating about intellectual freedom. It was a movement that stressed, political, economical, cultural, and geographic changes through the birth of widespread individualism, materialism, humanism, and secularism. The pursuit of well-being in the Renaissance led to man's ability to change social status and his drive to capitalism.Individualism stressed personality, uniqueness, genius, and full development of one's capabilities and talents. Artist, athlete, painter, scholar, sculptor, whatever "“ a person's abilities should be stretched until fully realized. Thirst for fame, a driving ambition, and a burning desire for success drove such people to the complete achievement of their potential. Leon Battista Alberti remarked that, "Man can do all things if they will".Materialism was the thirst for material and capital. This began with the idea that "money was power". Modern banking was born, branch banking, double entry banking and letters of...

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1031 words - 4 pages war people migrated and fled to the rural in order to survive. Middle Ages governments and life of the classes dominated by the feudal system were based on the system of feudalism which nobility held lands from the kings in exchange of military service. Renaissance power and ability depends on in cooperation of his Vassals. Those lands that Vassals ruled were called fiefs. During the Middle Ages each person was expert a unique job There was no

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1268 words - 5 pages sexuality. The Renaissance woman of the upper classes raised her sex out of the Middle-Ages and its monastic contempt to be perhaps be almost the equal of man. The educated women of the Renaissance further liberated themselves by their intelligence and character and by the heightened sensitivity of men to their perceivable and imperceptible charms. In this way the Italian Renaissance can be thought of as unisexual because women moved more freely

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1338 words - 5 pages started their social status at bottom of the community, which was peasants. Sometimes farmers became on the top places because how they improved their life ranks gradually. In the middle age people did not even eager to improve their positions because they thought they deserved only what they had from the churches. Art: DuringMiddle Ages people did not give high priority to decorate art and make it more realistic. Throughout, middle ages people

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