How Did Wolsey Rise To Power?

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Jess Lee Why does Wolsey Rise to power to 1515?Wolsey's rise in power by 1515 is due to several factors, firstly being talented in regards to his personal abilities, exemplified through organising the logistics of the Battle of Spurs. In addition, Church influence is extremely important in gaining connections such as Bishop Fox, whilst allowing him to gain positions through the Church, whilst encouraging his relationship with the King. However, the most prominent factor to Wolsey's rise in power is due to his relationship with HVIII.Wolsey's personal abilities were a significant factor to his rise of power to 1515, as it threw him into the spotlight of important figures. Firstly, Wolsey assisted Bishop Fox as Royal Chaplaincy to the Netherlands and Scotland mission (1507-09), where he showed himself to be a very capable administrator and organiser. Ultimately, being able to show off his skills to Bishop Fox, encouraged his rise to power for more positions. Furthermore, Wolsey organised the logistics of a 12,000 man army for Battle of Spurs in the First French War(1512-13). This was a roaring success as it managed to crush France, whilst besieging Theronne and Tournai. Evidently this was extremely successful as it ultimately impressed HVIII, thus gaining trust from the King whilst reflecting positively on Wolsey's on skills. It is evident HVIII was pleased by giving him positions such as bishop of Linchon and Tournai. Furthermore, Wolsey's diplomatic skills also were rather impressive, exemplified through the Anglo French Treaty (1514). This particular treaty which brought peace between France and England was a sucsess as it was written in HVIII's favour, gaining him a pension, also most importantly saved Henry's reputation when Maximillian (HRE) and Ferdinand (Spain) abandoned him to go to war with France. Furthermore, another important feature which encouraged Wolsey's rise to power was his social skills, where he was socially manipulative in regards in getting what he wants, and knowing who he needs to get close to. This was extremely important as it encouraged a web of connections for Wolsey, thus ultimately facilitating his rise to power. In addition, Wolsey's socio-economic background of being a son of a butcher, made him extremely ambitious. Evidently this persona which developed through his background encouraged him to work extremely hard to get what he wanted. Wolsey's personal abilities were clearly an important feature which threw him into the spotlight of important figures such as Bishop Fox, Sir Richard Nanfan, and most significantly HVIII. Although it being the first step to his rise in power by 1515, it was not the most fundamental factor to his rise in power.Church influence is extremely important in Wolsey's rise to power, as it created numerous opportunites for him to meet new people, whilst exhibiting his abilities. Firstly, Wolsey had a charitable education from the Church, sending him to Grammar School and Oxford Magdalen...

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