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How Digital Devices And Surroundings Play A Role In Distractions During My Study Sessions

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After reading the articles in “Digital Distractions," I learned that we forget how much time we get distracted when we are constantly tied into our digital devices. Since technology advanced so quickly, it developed into a part of our work life. In the end of the article, “Hooked on the Web: Help Is on the Way," they mentioned how being addicted to your digital devices can
become an illness because of how much time spent in just one day. I decided to experiment and find out how much of a distraction my own devices can be in my life. During the experiment, I will figure how much work can be done during my usual study sessions compared to my focus study sessions. While technology is not the only source of distraction, it is something we are constantly using and was used in this experiment. In my study I observed the amount and type of interruptions during my study sessions and how it affected my study sessions; as a result, I’ve determined that my surroundings distracted me more often than my digital devices.
In my first experiment, I observed my usual study session location. I would sit at an individual desk with my lunch and a list of things to do. There I would be studying during my three-hour breaks on Mondays, so I was able to do more than one assignment. That day I began my chemistry homework, I had noted down that it took about 10 minutes just to start on homework. Within eight minutes of working on my chemistry homework, I started to get distracted. I began looking at my phone and answering my text messages first, then I started skimming through Instagram. I realized when I was ready to go back to do my homework, 10 minutes had passed while I was being distracted. Once I started on my homework again, this time I was able to complete most of my chemistry homework and it had been 20 minutes later into my homework. As I motivate myself to keep working on my homework, 25 minutes has passed. In my interruptions I observed that I would get distracted listening to music, checking my cell phone, and sometimes I was distracted by my surrounds too. For example, I was distracted after my bathroom break, eating snacks and saying hello to a friend. Each of those interruptions took a couple of minutes, and I am unable to get most of my work done in between. As a result, I observed that my surroundings were distracting me more than my devices when I was studying.
In my focus study session, I only focused on one assignment without any interruptions. My focus study sessions vary on the classes I am taking because I only work on an individual assignment rather than multiple assignments. Unlike my usual session and how it would take me about 10 minutes to begin, I immediately began working on my Chemistry Study guide while using the Internet. When using the Internet, I was only looking up graphs, definitions, and photos. While studying on the assignment, I observed that I had about three interruptions within an hour and 40 minutes that had passed during my...

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