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How Do Child Beauty Pageants Affect A Child’s Development?

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The fight for beauty has now leaked into our young children and is creating countless issues that will be visible in these children and their futures. Like the old saying; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone or something that is considered attractive, good looking, etc. to one person may not exactly appeal the same to another. If we lived in a “perfect” world, maybe everyone would follow these wise words and admit that evaluating beauty is such a biased thing to do. Beauty pageants are becoming more and more popular since they were created back in the 1920's. Especially, children pageants. The media is a big provoker in this case with their ‘Little Miss Perfect” and “Toddlers in Tiaras” shows. In which, it’s clear the level of commitment a pageant takes and how they are not bearable for children, and I mean simply unfair for them to go through the burden of a beauty pageant.
For nearly fifty years, children have been subjected to the world of beauty pageants where they have been forced to behave in an older way rather than their actual ages. I used the word forced because I believe that no 4, 7 year old would actually chose to go through what pageant kids go through every single day. Yet, some of them may view it as a “fun” thing, but it’s mostly that they are expected to see it that way. Rather than them actually believing it’s fun. Beauty pageants just causes unrealistic beauty standards which easily influenced young girls, and they encourage judging on appearance, rather than on a person's character.
Essentially what happens is that girls as young as five are dressed up like mannequins by their pushy mothers. There’s nothing interesting, good, fun or enriching about it; it’s just weird. Although, it sure is a great example of insecure parents abusing their children in order for themselves to feel a sense of worth. To full fill their own dreams and well feel that by their children, they have achieved something.
“The very words ‘child beauty pageant’ leave a coppery taste in the mouth. Catapulting little girls and boys into a sexuality for which they are neither physically nor cognitively ready is a form of theft. It is the theft of childhood. And for the theft of childhood, no form of restorative justice exists. Once stolen, it is gone forever.” - Frances Fitzgerald.
I don’t believe in child beauty pageants for many reasons. Firstly, and most importantly they teach young children the wrong kind of lessons. The children in this pageant are basically being taught that, unless they’re wearing extensions, layers of makeup they’re not beautiful. For the most part the children are shown that you have to be beautiful to be a winner. They’re being placed in a competition against other girls and judged completely on their looks for the most part, and not even their natural looks; just their pageant wear. This isn’t the kind of lesson a young kid, especially girls, need to see and learn, it just leads to self-esteem problems and struggles in...

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