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How Do Rita, Frank And Their Relationship Change In 'educating Rita' Willy Russell?

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Rita, Frank and their relationship change throughout the play. Rita's education and confidence both grow as the story progresses. Frank's attitude towards life declines dramatically en route for the middle of the play but there is hint of improvement at the end. Their relationship undergoes many changes during the play. They grow apart, slowly and eventually reach a point where their separation is much needed and inevitable, although their feelings towards each other are of affection once again.At the beginning of the play Rita is a stereotypical working class girl, with little education and a lot of determination. She uses a lot of slang and colloquial language, 'stupid bleedin'' handle' and 'off me cake', which shows her lack of education and her class.Rita appears ro be a confident girl, but she uses humour to cover up her nerves, 'that's what I do. Y' know when I'm nervous.' Rita is also a lively, talkative person and very blunt and forthright. She shows this when she 'takes the pencil from Frank and scribbles out the letter 'S'.'Rita has a particularly determined character. At the start of the play she knows that she wants an improved life, with choices and she knows an education will give her that. So she is making sure she is going to get it, even at the cost of her marriage. When Rita leaves Denny she still wants to learn and discuss her 'Macbeth' essay immediately.At the beginning of 'Act 2 Scene 2' Rita is seen oiling Frank's door. This shows her determination and that she follows through her word, does what she says she will.Russell uses stage directions to show Rita's energy, 'the door bursts open and Rita flies in.' The words 'flies' and 'burst' convey bubbly, lively movements and therefore her energetic character.At the start of this play Frank is a stereotypical upper-middle-class man. He is apathetic sarcastic and relatively independent. Frank uses Standard English and Received Pronunciation, showing his high class and good education. He asks 'pardon?' instead of 'what?' and explains that the Open University is 'supposed to embrace a more comprehensive studentship.'Frank is not dependant on anyone, but he drinks a lot and I think that he relies on alcohol a great deal. Therefore I would not say he is totally independent.Frank is very sarcastic and quick witted. He uses his sarcasm as a defence mechanism, or to make a point. He doesn't use it nastily or to hurt anyone. 'I sometimes get an urge to throw something through it...a student usually.' This shows him using sarcasm for humour but it also shows his disinterested, lazy attitude to life. Frank is bored of his life but, unlike Rita, he cannot be bothered to change it. He finds himself dull and tells Rita that she is 'the first breath of air that's been in this room for years.' He does not want Rita as a student as he sees her as a lot of work, this shows his lazy attitude. However, the audience could also see this as a selfless and considerate moment. He does not want to take...

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