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How Do The Filmmakers Of Chicken Run Use Presentational Devices To Reveal The Good And Evil In The Characters Of Ginger And Mrs. Tweedy?

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The filmmakers of Chicken Run use presentational devices to reveal good and evil in the main characters of Ginger and Mrs. Tweedy. In this essay, I am going to discuss the different ways in which Ginger and Mrs. Tweedy are portrayed. I will use the characters to discuss camera angles, costumes, lighting, settings, music, sound effects and character interactions to create more meaning to the audience viewing Chicken Run. The focus will be on the characters Ginger and Mrs. Tweedy. Ginger is a chicken in the film and she is a good character. Mrs. Tweedy is a chicken farmer along with her husband; she is an evil character. In this essay it will explain how the audience can tell that these characters are either good or bad.Ginger and her friends are chickens that live on Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy's chicken farm. Chicken Run is about Ginger and her friends and their long struggle to escape from the farm. Every time they get anywhere with their plans they are stopped by the farmers. But when Rocky, a flying cockerel, arrives at the farm the chickens turn their hopes of freedom to him.One of the presentational devices that Chicken Run uses is the type of camera shot. There are many different angles of the camera; different angles suggest different personalities in the character in the shot. What follows are the different camera shots that the filmmakers use to help portray the characters personalities.A close-up is used at the beginning when Mr. Tweedy is walking around the farm with his dogs, checking on the chickens. The close up in this scene is when he checks one of the padlocks on the gates into the chickens. The close up shows his hands and the padlock. The makers have used the close up to reinforce the fact that the chickens are locked up and inside. They are locked up like in a prison, or a concentration camp of some kind. As the film is about the chickens breaking free at the start of the film they need to show the situation the chickens are in before breaking free from the farm.When the chickens are doing aerobics in the chicken yard the filmmakers use a mid angle shot to show the action. A mid angle shot shows sociability, the audience can see all the chickens are friends you can tell this because they are smiling and it's a mid angle shot. Mid angle shots also mean that the characters in view are all equal to one another. Sometimes the makers of Chicken Run use a camera shot where Ginger is in focus and where all the other chickens are out of focus to highlight her importance as a central character.A high angle shot is when the camera is looking down on the character, like in the scene when Mrs. Tweedy enters the chicken yard and with her clipboard she looks down at the chickens. This shot is used to show she is bigger than the chickens and that she is in control. It also makes her appear more evil and frightening. This gives the impression to the audience that Mrs. Tweedy is a bad character; you can also see the cowering reactions from the...

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