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How Does Bruce Lundgren Explores Relationship In His Poetry

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Every body has various type of relationship in their lives. Bruce Lundgren is fond of exploring relationships in his poetry, the childhood/parent relationships in 'My father's Dahlias'; while in 'Mr Death' and "The Farmer Retires To Town" Lundgren explores relationships with the natural world. Through different techniques Lundgren presents his thoughts and feelings on relationships of life.In the poem "Mister Death", the use of personification in the title brings death to life and offers him an identity and title. This presents a unique way of viewing death as natural, and acceptable and also indicated the relationship of his own mortality. The poem sets in a retirement home, 'Mr Death' comes alive and guards the place and watches over the elders in case one day he is needed.Mr Death is more of a person's relationship to the nature, or rather the supernatural world. Death is fearful, as it is mystical, people tend to imagine the worst and fear even more. However, Lundgren presents a more sensible and smoothing view, intending to make it seem like extrication rather than suffering in life. Many alliterations are used to present Mr Death's qualities, like 'constant and caring', 'practised and punctual', 'pauses and pensive'. All lists of Mr Death's actions, shows how he is as a person, doing his job like a normal person. Among this all, the Simile "as constant and ... as a gardener" smartly referred death as a gardener which brought up the old saying," death is pushing up the daisy" As death is taking away people's life therefore its also a euphemism of death.The similes used also created a mysterious image of death. It referred death as a delicate bird, gardener and nurse that is the opposite of what people sees it. This is rather elusive and slippery which highlighted the relationship of human with death, which we all know what death is but no one could ever get a close look at it."He watches with mild number thirty four" The word mild and "number thirty four" suggested that Mr death is just doing his job with not much emotion and interest. In the last stanza, Mr death visited the old man and the old lady to decide when to come to pick them up. The technique of personification is explored further of death "He pause, pensive and early magpie time, in case he is needed then." Once again, we can see that death is doing his job very distant, polite and business like. "Early Magpie time" is used here to show how life...

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