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How Does Nationalism Solidify A Country?

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Nationalism is ubiquitous. It exists in everywhere, like national flags, songs, novels or even in Marvel American Hero film. Before, studying how nationalism solidify a country we must fist identify what is a nation, nationalism and how it affects us.

What is a nation?
Quoted from J.V. Stalin, “Nationality ... is not a racial or tribal phenomenon. It has five essential features: there must be a stable, continuing community, a common language, a distinct territory, economic cohesion, and a collective character. It assumes positive political form as a nation under definite historical conditions, belonging to a specific epoch, that of the rise of capitalism and the struggles of the rising bourgeoisie under feudalism.” J.V. Stalin has given a crystal clear definition of what is a nation. However, there is some more to add: A nation should also be based on a “shared culture ,” which helps create a person’s identity and political determination.
To conclude, a nation not only determined by stability, history, economy but also culture, religion and ethnicity.

What is nationalism?
Nationalism is the idea of a sense of common identity to a particular geographical area. Before bourgeoisie, feudalism was implemented among countries, such as China, Japan and France. Under this hierarchy, there were different social classes; some social classes were regarded as sovereign but some were not. Therefore, discrimination and inequality resulted. To solve this social problem, the ideology of Nationalism was proposed. It suggested all people should have a common identity not matter you are a royal or a peasant. Under nationalism, a nation instead of a kingdom should be set up to guarantee people’s right and freedom.
Apart from a common identity, it is also a sense of attachment of a particular country and its own culture . Arts, poems, literature, songs are used to promote Nationalism. For instance, the romantic period in music, folk songs. They are all used shape a sense of collective heritage, common sense of belonging to their fatherland.
To sum up, Nationalism focus of two aspects: “identity” and “feeling” Identity means a common identity shared among people. Who you are, where do you come from. Feeling means a sense of belonging toward your homeland and how you love it.

How nationalism be promote and how it affects us?
There are ways to promote nationalism and it affects us in both “visible” and “invisible” ways. Promotion of nationalism can be achieved through political, economic, social and cultural methods.
National Flags, songs, even in extreme case censorship are political ways to spread the ideology of “Nationalism” towards citizens. For example, “patriotism” (Aiguozhuyi-愛國主義) in China. National flag of China which is hung everywhere to remind her citizens that they are Chinese. Censorship is implement in China to ensure that there is no text, movie or speech which offends China. It (the censorship) protects nationalism of China as no...

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