How Egypt Can Market Its Tourism And Travel Industry To Increase It's Tourism Volume From The Current 4 Million To Over 50 Million

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Increasing volume of tourism in EgyptLet is be known that tourism usually represents a little over 50 % of direct investments by developing countries. In a variety of countries and regions (Egypt, Greece, the Caribbean, Polynesia), tourism is already the most important economic sector and provides the principal boost for development. Economic growth for tourism in the world is expected to grow by 3.8 % by the year 2010. Some projections estimate that the actual number of tourists should triple by the year 2020. Predictions are based on the aging of the world's population, combined with the increase in free time, more permeable geographic frontiers, decreasing transportation costs, and electronic communications. Tourism has one of the brightest futures in the different investments around us today.For the longest while during the 80s and the early 90s it seemed that the future for Egypt would be the tourism industry. During the past decade or so the number of tourists coming to Egypt has declined greatly in perspective to other countries possessing less artifacts than Egypt. In order for tourism to come back to life a number of changes have to take place in order to revitalize our economy that is in desperate need of reform. In my professional opinion for tourism to increase in Egypt we need to do the following: Allow charter Jets to land in Cairo, improve the tourist experience by eliminating bureaucracy, beggars, selling Egypt through TV, websites, and finally telling the whole world that Egypt is a wonderful and decent nation.What makes a tourist attraction? Looking at the most successful examples of tourism "utopias" one realizes that the formula to create isn't as complicated as it may seem. Take Las Vegas for example, a while back it was nothing more than dessert. One man got the idea of building a casino, slowly the whole place was filled with casinos. In Las Vegas they built an artificial replica of the Giza pyramids as well as an artificial sphinx. It gets worse, they have a huge casino/bar full of people dressed us as Ancient Egyptians, with blatantly fake artifacts all over the place. American tourists love this place. So at least we know for sure that Ancient Egyptian artifacts are of interest. We know that the pharos were on the right track when they built them and the problem must be internal.A huge problem that faces many tourists wishing to travel to Cairo is that our bureaucratic nation doesn't allow charter jets to land in Cairo. This is done to preserve the government owned Egypt Air. Common sense begs to differ this policy. Would you want a tourist that is broke because he/she spent most of his money on the plane ticket, or one that didn't spend all his money on his plane ticket. At the present time we need the largest volume of people even if they don't spend any money in Egypt they will surely tell more people what a wonderful place it is. Even yet the profit revenue is much smaller it is not of importance since it will simply...

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