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How Ethics And Values Have Changed

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It is amazing how as time goes on, people’s ethics and values seem to change and no longer be what they use to be. It is safe to say that ethics and values are worse now than they used to be because people are not willing to help others, society no longer values family and community, and things that once were a private matter are socially acceptable. It is truly amazing to see all the changes that have been made in just a short amount of time.
It is really sad to read that so many people are unwilling to serve others when they are in difficulty. Too many people nowadays if they see someone on the side of the street having some car trouble, will most likely pass them right by. Just back a few years ago if a person was stuck on the side of the road, having car trouble almost everybody would stop and make sure the people were ok. There was a short story in a book called Writing on the River, which gave a wonderful example of people not being willing to help others, it stated, “Kitty Genovese cries out in terror, yet no one comes to her rescue as her attacker takes half an hour to murder her” (Darley and Latané, 44). Could it have been that the other people who were around were too afraid to help, because they were concerned about their own welfare? Some of that could be true, yet part of it could only be due to the fact that people today are so caught up in themselves that they no longer feel the need to help other people out. It is no longer their responsibility. That was never the case a few years back. If a person felt like they could not help physically they would do whatever they could to help the victim out.
That is not the only reason why the ethics and values of people nowadays have changed. They have likewise changed in the fact that society does not value family and community like it used to, but encourages isolation. Several years ago the mother of a family would stay at home while the father in the family would go out and work. The men would leave early in the morning and make sure they were home in time for supper. The men would make sure that he had enough time to spend with his family. Today, that is no longer the way matters are. More families have both parents working and most of the time only one parent makes it home in time for supper, sometimes that is not even the case. Another part of this could be...

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