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How Forster Shows The Racial Tension Between The Indians And The British

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How Forster Shows the Racial Tension Between the Indians and the British

If we look closely at the words racial and tension, we can see that it
is a difficult feeling or nervousness of fear or anger, between two
groups of people who do not trust each other. Therefore it can now be
closely analysed exactly what is being asked, as within A Passage to
India there are several ways in which this subject is addressed. It
can be shown from the way the British have been racist in the way that
they have intruded upon India. This significantly corrupted the
Indians style of life and conclusively caused the racial tension which
I am investigating.

Most fluidly racial tension can be identified from the snide comments
which are repeatedly made by the British "You're superior…Aryan
Brother". These racist comments made by the British show extreme
hatred for the Indian culture, as "Aryan Brother" is a term made up by
the British to call an Indian person. The suggestion that someone
could call another human being by a term and not by a name is not only
a severe sign of immaturity, but also creates tension as it secludes
the British from the Indian's, it segregates them into a superior
minority. To add to this point, not only are the British
discriminating in this way but are actually classing themselves as
"superior". Not only does this way of thinking segregate again, it
further causes a view that they should treat the natives as if they
are unworthy, as they feel they are higher in class so they don't
deserve their respect. These ways further Forster's way of increasing
the tension between the Indians and the British.

Although, it can be seen that the ways that provoke racial tension are
not just one sided, as the Indian's provide evidence of
discrimination, "possible to be friends with an Englishman". This view
can be judge of two separate ways the fact that the Indian people of
Chandrapore feel this way adds to the racial tension between the two

However, this idea could suggest a completely different view, that the
Indian people are simply just confused about whether realistically
friendship can be achieved between the two groups. As it is not
directly being racially offensive but it does show the tension, as if
there were no tension, surely, this open question may have no need to
be asked? In comparison to what has been seen of the British attitude
it would appear mildly offensive however.

In addition to the idea that the Indian people are not the ones that
are providing this cause of racial tension it can be clearly seen that
the Indian people want to be friends. Evidence of this is "You
understand me, you know what I feel. Oh if others resembled you!" This
was a comment made by Aziz when talking to Mrs Moore a British woman
visiting Chandrapore. The suggestion made by...

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