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How Having An Understanding Of Lifespan Development Can Help Those Delivering Care To Different Client Groups

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How Having an Understanding of Lifespan Development Can Help those Delivering Care to Different Client Groups

Regression is where a child reverts to the behaviour of a younger
child. This could be because of an upheaval or a significant life
event, such as parental divorce or the birth of a new sibling.

Understanding regression helps children workers. For example, at my
placement, a child which normally ate with a knife and fork refused to
and wanted to go back to using a spoon. His mother had recently given
birth to another child. His key worker allowed him to do this, and the
week after next, the boy was back to using a knife and fork.

This was good for the child as the child was able to cope at the same
rate. If a worker had not known about regression, the worker could
have told the child to stop acting like a baby, or that the child
should stop being silly. This would have affected the child by making
him feel stupid and that he was worthless, and a “baby”.

Understanding a child in regression can help the service providers.
This could be because they allow the child to act in the way they
wish. This helps the child as they are able to grow in the way they
want. The carer could help the parents cope by possibly providing a
leaflet about regression for them, this could help the parent as they
know why their child is acting this way, and therefore they can help
the child grow the same as the care worker would. If the parent then
responded appropriately to the child this would mean that the child
was having a constant amount of learning in his life, rather then one
thing at nursery and one at home.


Bereavement is where a person loses a loved one to death. This can
cause mental upset and takes time and patience to come to terms with.
It can often help if the bereaved person has someone to talk to.
Understanding more about the processes involved in grieving for the
loss of a loved one can help care workers in providing care for
clients who are bereaved. This can be because the carer understands
what the client is going through and therefore can be there for the
client to talk to or to help known what they’re going through. People
can experience a bereavement reaction for other losses. This can be
for a loss of a relationship, loss of a partner after divorce, the
loss of a pet, the loss of a job, loss of a home (if the client has to
give it up to live in a residential home). Bereavement will be at a

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