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How Ict Helps Uci. Essay

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HOW DOES ICT HELP UCI.This essay will explore different aspects of UCI cinemas; it will especially be focusing on the Telford branch. Also the reader will have the prospect to find out how UCI keep a record of sales such as Tickets, food and drink.About UCIUCI has hundreds of stores over United Kingdom and I will be focusing on the local UCI cinema in Telford which provides a sensational quality of service. This cinema itself has "60 staff" and 36 are Part-time making 24 Full-time staff. The facts are: 60 staff members Over 5000 costumers per week The cinema wants to be the best exhibitors of cinema films. To provide a "good quality" service.Its aims and needsThe cinema aims to be the best exhibitors of film in the world as listed above also the cinema of 60 staff wants to set up a branch to provide a high superiority venue for the people of Telford. However the Telford cinema needs to grant high quality selections of films for the costumers needs to provide a fast and efficient sale system for costumers, needs to set and monitor the local budgets in a successful way and finally the cinema requirements are to communicate with other branches in a effective way.Why ICT is usedICT is used in communications to provide a quick and first-class quality service, in UCI the staff use E-Mails to contact with other branches and costumers, this system is used because it is quick to write and send. Also E-mail is used to arrange the film schedule by contacting the distributors in London; letters are made for costumers and special occasion such as birthday parties. Finally but not least UCI uses mail merge which gathers the costumer's information such as phone numbers and addresses to send letters, macro is also used, this makes life quicker and easier because UCI can set up a device where they press a button to insert a date, time year etc.How does UCI keep all their relevant information?As the modern world develops the computer is used and needed more often. In UCI the staffs keep all the relevant information such as ticket sales, contact numbers, performance records and so forth on a computer. Here ICT helps by keeping all records intact and easy to use; it can be also accessed quickly.FunctionalHow does UCI control/organize their sales, purchasing, operations and finance? How do they manage? Well they use EPOS which is an advantage and also with sales UCI uses ICT to print out tickets which are produced in a computer, as well UCI uses a local computer to process...

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