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How Ignorance Leads Macbeth To His Evildoing

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Pablo LópezProfessor Andrés NavarreteShakespeare LET 17463 October, 2011How ignorance leads Macbeth to his evildoingIn order to introduce the topic, we need to understand that the origin of Macbeth's evildoing can have many possibilities at the moment of interpreting this character. However, I am going to focus mainly on the role of ignorance as the element which triggers his evil, inner side. In addition, I will analyse the external features which influenced this behaviour in Macbeth's mind and I will show how his conduct was not something at random but Macbeth had a sense of ambition which was guided by his wrongdoing.First of all, according to the Cambridge Dictionary Online, ignorance is a lack of knowledge, understanding or information about something. In this case, we can think that Macbeth could not comprehend certain information that was given to him because of, perhaps, his misunderstanding made him fulfil the ambiguous information that is shown next:Macbeth Speak, if you can: what are you?First Witch All hail, Macbeth! hail to thee, Thane of Glamis!Second Witch All hail, Macbeth! hail to thee,Thane of Cawdor!Third Witch All hail, Macbeth! that shalt be kinghereafter. (1.iii.47-50)In this quotation, we can see that the three Weird Sisters hailed Macbeth as the three titles that he will have in a future, but they never let him know that he had to kill King Duncan. Nonetheless, Macbeth had already thought that the only choice to become the King of Scotland was to kill Duncan in order to take his place. Consequently, Macbeth shows his ignorance because he wanted to believe that this was a prophecy and it could change his life being the most important man in the kingdom. Then, when he wanted to know something more about this information, the witches disappeared. This revelation was as ambiguous as the prophecies of the Oracle that Macbeth had to figure out how to interpret that prediction. In order for Macbeth to call for help to understand this apparent prophecy, he tells his spouse, Lady Macbeth, what had happened to him. Then, Lady Macbeth is externally influenced by the prophecy of the witches and she makes Macbeth believe that this was his fate and that he had to do all the things possible, even killing Duncan, in order to achieve it and show his power as a man and not as a coward. As a result, this became the beginning of Macbeth's fatal end since he thought that this deed was an act of fate and not an act of his free will based on his own ignorance of thinking that his and Lady Macbeth's interpretation was the right answer.On the other hand, we have to think that Macbeth knew that the origin of these Weird Sisters could not be from heaven but from a supernatural, dark place. Therefore, it is not difficult to realize that Macbeth had this temptation before the prophecy of the witches and, because of the revelation of these evil characters, he could think that he had the support from this power...

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