How Is The Concept Of Congruency Can Be Relevant To A Revitalisation Of Brand Equity Strategy?

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AbstractThe brand value can be evaluated thanks to a survey. This survey shows notably the consumers are aware of the brand and the brand association.This increase in attention can mainly be attributed to the fact that brands positively valued by consumers are of an enormous potential for the companies.The main aim of this research is to deal with the impact and importance of the congruency on the brand equity.The exploration of these effects is made by referring to the literature of brand images, brand association and brand awareness.First, we will try to examine the meaning of the brand in the consumer memory. This part explains the consumer attribute.Second, we'll try to identify the congruency theory illustrated by the brand MARLBOROã.At the end, we will analyse the positive effects that have to increase of congruency on the brand equity.For my research, I will use academic book and Internet research. Also, I can use some lived situations of my own experience.I.Understand the brand knowledge1)Meaning of the BrandIt is important for a brand to have a meaning without, the risk that consumer forget the brand and thus decrease the sales and the profits of this company.The Brand can be defined as "A distinguishing characteristic of modern marketing has been its focus upon the creation of differentiated brands...the idea has been to move beyond commodities to branded products - to reduce the primacy of price upon the purchase decision, and accentuate the bases of differentiation" (Aaker, 1991, pp. 7-8).This definition shows the importance for a company to have a good positioning choice.In practice, the brand position is determined usually thanks to two dimensions:ØThe price dimension that inform to the consumer the positioning of the brandØThe Intrinsic dimension, ie the product class in which the brand is used(to which category need does the brand appeal), what the branded article has to offer the consumer (low price, material or immaterial differentiation) and what type of consumer the branded article is meant for (target group) BRAND MANAGEMENT RIK RIEZEBOS p55 ref 658.827 RIEWhen a company choose to position it product, 3 possibilities are available: Either the low cost, or the premium or the prestige strategy.The strategy of price positioning is important for a company because the sales and the distribution depend on the positioning of the brand.The principle of the intrinsic positioning is different. Firstly, the company tries to position the brand in such a way that consumers distinguish the branded article from other branded article on the basis of intrinsic attributes in a positive way.For instance a brand for cleaning product such as fairy, distinguishes its product as "sensitive skin one" for target the persons who have to preserve the hand skin.This strategy is interesting because the company can target a segment of consumers that the competitors have not targeted yet. This strategy can be profitable for the firm...

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