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How Music Ties To History Essay

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The Trajectory between History and Music

Music is found in every corner, whether in past or present, varying wildly between times and places. This paper will show the importance of music in associating itself with several aspects that truly impact the lives of people in different parts of history.

There is a long history of connections between music and politics, particularly political expression in music. This expression is used for either anti-establishment or protest themes such as anti-war songs, political campaigns, or pro-establishment ideas like national anthems which create a sense of pride among individuals. The movie titled "The Mission" captured the scene of colonial soldiers entering into the mission village; they were slowed at first by the haunting songs of Father Gabriel and the Guarani women and children, who marched toward the troops unarmed, singing and holding a cross and monstrance with the blessed host. This shows how music can be used as a form of protesting against war. Although political music is not usually ambiguous, it is used to portray a specific political message which emphasizes historical events. In the past, music was also a method to attract enemy troops to propaganda programs and to express a vision of the nature of their regimes. Some enemies were tortured by being brainwashed with certain political music that demoralised them and caused them to lose their will power to fight. Besides that, music also promotes unity as it reflects the goals of both the government and the desires of the people, allowing nations to accomplish a greater purpose with the unnecessary need for human sacrifice. Therefore, music has the capability to influence political views among the people.

Music has always been an expression of people from different cultures of the world. It can be referred to as the "universal language" because there has been no known human culture without music. Different cultures around the world have always been identified through their own special instruments and unique methods of playing them. For instance, Chinese opera is a popular form of drama and musical theatre in China, with roots going back to the third century. The opera incorporates music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics. Thus, Chinese opera provides a cultural identity for the Chinese people allowing younger people to learn the music of their fore parents. In "The Architecture of Doom," the Nazi government took a strong interest in promoting "Germanic" culture and music which returned people to the "folk culture" of their remote ancestors, while using the radio to transmit and promote propaganda at the same time. This shows how music is used as a reminder of the culture people once embrace. Other than that, it comes to no surprise that music is widely used in temples and religious ceremonies throughout the world. Some religions use music for the purpose of...

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