How Orwell Uses The Main Character Of Winston To Illustrate The Theme Of The Opression Of Humanity.

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I have read the thought-provoking book "Nineteen Eighty Four" by George Orwell. George Orwell cleverly uses his main character Winston to illustrate the theme of the book, which is the oppression of humanity. Through the development of his main character, Orwell clearly illustrates this message.At the beginning of the book, Winston is an example of an oppressed human. He is not capable of feeling emotion or remembering things clearly. However, Winston has a feeling that there was once a time when things were better than they are in nineteen eighty four, shown when Orwell writes "he had a mute feeling in his bones". This subtly links back to Orwell's main message, because Winston has a feeling that things were different but cannot clearly remember period in his life when things were different, nor any time in his life, which makes Winston and oppressed human.Winston is concerned with individual freedom and expression; this is why he starts his diary. "It was a particularly beautiful book, it's smooth creamy paper a little yellowed by age". The diary appealed to Winston because it links to the past. This is Winston's first link to the past and the first stage of his development into a fuller human being, but cannot express himself properly or try to describe his thoughts and feelings, he can only write down what he sees at the cinema, which cleverly links back to the theme of the book, because at this stage, Winston is still an oppressed human.Winston's love for Julia expands his world of feeling, making him a fuller human. After meeting Julia, Winston was able to show emotion, shown when he writes in his diary, "I hate her". But, soon after writing this in his diary Winston meets up with Julia and they fall in love, which in itself is an act against the rules of the party. This is the most important stage in Winston's development into a more rounded human, because in nineteen eighty-four there is no room for a person to care and love anyone but Big Brother. As Winston's love for Julia deepens, his own recovery of the past improves and he begins to remember things more clearly. He and Julia vow to stay true to each other and to love each other no matter what happens, and his love for her begins to heal him physically, and reduces the ulcer on his leg to "a brown stain on the his leg". It opens up his life for him, so he starts to remember. "It was a memory that he must have deliberately pushed out of his conscious mind over many years." This skilfully links back to the theme because Winston is now able to feel emotion so therefore he is no longer an oppressed human.Winston's love for Julia allows him to remember his mothers love for his dying sister and his own brutish selfishness. This links back to the theme of the book because Winston has to realise what he has done wrong and come to terms with his selfishness before he can be a fully rounded human. Winston remembers stealing the chocolate from his sister and running away. His mother put her arm...

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