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How Paint Used To Be Made

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How it’s made
Ingredients: Water, latex (for adhesion), titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, potassium, zinc (for mildew resistance), and whatever additives that particular paint needs.
· Water is pumped into a large mixing tank. Thickening and stabilizing agents are added to prevent the ingredients from settling to the bottom of the tank or can.
· One at a time, all ingredients except for latex are mixed in. Each ingredient has a specific mixing time. This step is critical for quality.
· This liquid is pumped to another large mixing tank that contains the latex. After four to six hours of blending, the paint is ready.
· The paint goes through a series of tests testing the thickness and how well the drying agents work.
· Latex is added and a colour test is performed to ensure the proper shade.
· Another test is done to see how well the paint covers a surface. This is where any other defects will be detected.
· Once the paint has passed all the tests the paint can continue on to packaging.
· Latex paint is 60% water which corrodes metal, so the tin cans are lined with an anti-rust coating.
· The cans run over a glue applicator, get labelled, get filled, and move on to the lid press.

How Paint used to be made
Cave paintings drawn with charcoal may have been made by early homo-sapiens as long as 40,000 years ago. Paint was made with the yolks from eggs which would allow the “paint” to harden and adhere to the surface it was applied to. Pigment was made from plants, sand and different soils. Back in these times, most paints used oil or water as a base.

Lead Paint
Lead pigment was specifically wanted for use in paint because of its durability. Lead paint adhered better to wood than any other paint known. Every other paint had cracked and peeled off surfaces when they expanded and contracted with the weather. Lead paint however, is very flexible, stays on with the weather and is impermeable to water.
Although lead paint has so many benefits, it’s extremely dangerous. Lead damages the nervous system and can disrupt numerous crucial bodily functions. In the early 1900’s hundreds of millions of people worldwide died from infectious diseases. The medical community encouraged people to wash their walls to help avoid disease. Painted walls were preferred over wallpaper because wallpaper would trap bacteria. The smooth surface of paint allowed it to be washed several times.
In this era most homeowners wouldn’t paint their homes, they would rely on the masters of professional painters. These master painters would often use paints with lead pigments.

Paint and Primer in One
Some people think that you can save money and great time by buying paint and primer in one, is it true? Actually, all in one paint and primer works best when you’re painting over a surface that has already been painted. This is because the effectiveness of the paint and primer in one falls somewhere between the typical two-step process of priming and then painting and...

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