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How Recycling Reduces Greenhouse Effect Essay

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The process which infrared radiation is given by the atmosphere that will increase a planet’s temperature is greenhouse effect. Professionals give the name of greenhouse effect because of the warming air inside a greenhouse compared with the outside one. Also, it will bring about climate changes such as global warming and the pollutions will become more serious.
Greenhouse effect has been a significant issue since the technologies around the world are becoming more developed. Greenhouse effect is becoming serious and serious due to the frequency of building new buildings, deforestations and other factors. Some countries are finding the best solutions to solve the problem of greenhouse effect even though greenhouse effect is a very common issue to the society nowadays. However, public is concerned about greenhouse effect because greenhouse effect will give unimaginable harms or attacks to the world and it will affect all the living things around the world. So, we need to try our best to do something to rescue our beloved world. Recycling is the best way to reduce greenhouse effect.
Thus, this research report is mainly studied about how recycling reduces greenhouse effect. Some people think that recycling is very difficult to implement and it is just wasting their time. However, it is very easy to put in practice.
The objectives and aims of this research report are to understand how important is recycling and the impacts of greenhouse effect as well as it could help to increase awareness of public to greenhouse effect. In this way, it could help to reduce greenhouse effect by recycling so that our world will be safe from perishing.
Literature Reviews
Recycling reduces the frequency of open burning
Open burning of rubbish will cause serious air pollutions. According to an article from CBS News, the relevant units announced that in the atmosphere, the amount of greenhouse gases reached a new record in 2012 (Danielle 2013). This is because the amount of methane increased by 160 percent; the nitrous oxide has increased by 20 percent and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by 41 percent. This is a very serious issue that human beings cannot neglect and this had caused serious air pollutions as well as it will increase the greenhouse gases.
Part of the reason is people have too much of rubbish, the cheapest way for them to clear all the rubbish is to unfold open burning. During the year 2005, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management advises the public to stop open burning (2005). It is because open burning will produce some chemical gases which will seriously affect the atmosphere and overcome greenhouse effect. So, the public should start recycling to reduce greenhouse effect. The public can collect the reusable items like papers, empty cans and empty bottles from those garbage heaps. We can send the used papers collected from the garbage...

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