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How Shakespeare Portrays The Relationship Between Richard And Buckingham In Richard The Third By William Shakespeare

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How Shakespeare Portrays the Relationship between Richard and Buckingham in Richard the Third by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare develops and changes the relationship between Richard and
Buckingham throughout the play. We see that Richard and Buckingham are
total opposites when they first meet, but it all starts to change when
Buckingham meets Richard and he starts to change.

Shakespeare opens the play with Richards’s soliloquy. He says the
civil war has ended and the new crowned king is Richards’s brother
Edward. Now there is peace. But Richard doesn’t like peace because
peace is a time of love and happiness and he says he doesn’t suit this
because of his physique. “Deformed, unfinished, sent before my time
into this breathing world, scarce half made up”. He is not a man of
love “And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover, to entertain these
fair well spoken days, I am determined to prove a villain” This means
he is saying that if he can’t be loved he has to be a villain to pass
away the time as he has nothing else to do. This tells the audience
that Richard has low self esteem and not much confidence with women.
The first impressions the audience will have about him is that he is a
lonely, ugly man who has nothing else to do except to be a villain;
that’s why Richard behaves in that way. I think Shakespeare opened
with this to give the audience an understanding of why Richard is a
villain and the description of himself creates imagery and links his
looks to his personality. Basically he introduces Richards’s evil,
ugly character into the play.

Richards’s evilness builds up with his image throughout the play. The
first real plot that Richard does is also in his soliloquy. He says
“To set my brother Clarence against the king in deadly hate against
one another”. And he does this by spreading a roomer that someone
whose name begins with G (George Duke of Clarence) will kill Edwards’s
sons. “About a prophecy which says that G, of Edwards Heirs the murder
shall be” This shows that Richard is so determined to get closer to
the throne in any means possible. When Clarence gets sent to the tower
by the king, Richard acts so clueless and shocked about it and is very
sympathetic to Clarence. This shows he is two faced. He then creates
another roomer by saying to Clarence that king Edward is ruled by the
king. “Tis not the king who sends you to the tower. My Lady Grey his
wife, Clarence tis she that tempered him to this extremity”. This will
make the king look very weak, as in those days it was seen as a
weakness if a man was ruled by a woman. His will be and advantage in
Richards plans. Hastings enters and tells Richard that the king is
ill; Richard would see this as another advantage but Richard acts
concerned. In Richards last soliloquy (Scence1 Act1 lines 145-162) he
says the king...

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