How Should We Best Fill Our Leisure Time?

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Throughout the centuries people argued on the ways to spend their free time. Ancient Greeks did sports as they believed in the unity of mind and body; medieval people dedicated their selves mostly to worshiping and labour, and people of Modern Time are known for their interest towards science and humanities. Nowadays we have such a wide range of activities to fill our leisure time with that cannot decide which way is better. Although, while searching for a better hobby, we can stick with the easiest one. For example, according to, both unemployed and working Americans tend to spend their free time watching TV. It is scientifically proven that people satisfy with an accomplished challenge what gives them an improvement. Challenges might be a trip around the world or reading The Holy Bible for an atheist, and the essence of any challenge is getting new ideas. In order to develop ourselves fully in our free time and challenge our ideas and beliefs, we should devote leisure to one of the most popular ways to share ideas which is the arts, we should take the time to gather others opinions socializing, and we should be able to increase our pool of selection in two previous tasks with learning foreign languages.
Spending time on the arts can help us broaden our horizons. When artists create, they express their ideas and feelings. The arts bring the answer to a person trying to figure who they are. Although many students do not see any point in studying the arts at school, yet there are human skills improving by the arts. Reading improves one's memory, pictures help to deny the limits of one's imagination. When watching a movie, people tend to pay attention to the details in order to predict what is going to be next. The most involving moment happens in a theatre what may get a person over a stressing...

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