How Success Can Lead To Personal Failure

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Success and DisasterSuccess is considered to be a positive accomplishment. However, success can often lead to personal failure. The more successful some people are, the closer they lead themselves to disaster because he or she is human, and all humans make mistakes even if they are tiny or large. Success can lead to misery and isolation by taking away some things people love in life. Successful people's decision making and judgment can also be clouded by their success. In all, success is a positive characteristic, but success can also lead to personal disaster.Becoming unimaginably powerful sets people up for a bigger fall towards disaster. You can be the biggest sports star, but when you make even a tiny mistake, you can end up destroying your career and life. Take Kobe Bryant and his court case as an example: Kobe is one of the biggest sports stars and an upcoming legend in the sport of basketball. But one day a girl accused Kobe Bryant of sexual assault, a very serious crime. Kobe later said he had sexual intercourse with the woman but it was with her consent. This later turned into a court case and this court case may ruin Kobe's basketball career. This shows how tough a successful man's job is. If a successful person even commits a tiny crime like shoplifting, he will be remembered forever for that act of shoplifting, and not for all the good things he has done. Bill Clinton is another example of a very successful person but was ruined because of it. Clinton had an affair while being the President. Everyone will know Bill Clinton for the affair he had but no one would remember him for all the good things he did for this country. In conclusion, the more successful you are, the more it can ruin you.Another consideration must take into consideration about being successful, is that it can lead to misery. One thing that most successful people miss is their home and their friends and family. Many successful people like sports stars and actors are always away from home because they always have to go away for a concert or a away game in some other part of the country and the stars never get the chance to see their family. Sport stars always have to fly out of the state and sometimes out of the country so it is hard for them to see their families and friends back home. By...

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851 words - 4 pages of our path and destiny. Take your failure as a measure of your commitment to your vision. For example, Martin Luther King had “a dream” – that and only that pulled him through all his failures! Get comfortable with smaller steps. As they say: “If you fall off a horse, try to get on a pony.” Works Cited "How Do the Dreams Help You to Achieve Success in Life." How Do the Dreams Help You to Achieve Success in Life. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2014

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