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How The Constitution Endangered Freedom Essay

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How the Constitution Endangered Freedom
Why did some Founding Fathers think that the Constitution might endanger freedom? What is the response of those who favored the Constitution – how did they think it would protect freedom or improve on the Articles of Confederation? Aspects of endangered freedom were; slavery, which was not mentioned in the constitution, as well as promoting the complicated checks and balances in the government and infringing on liberty’s. The founding fathers thought the constitution might endanger freedom due to; slavery in the constitution. Also, those who favored the constitution thought to protect freedom or improve on the Articles of Confederation by the creating and expanding on checks and balances and liberty (Foner, 2012).
Slavery in the constitution
First the founding fathers thought the constitution might endanger freedom due to slavery in the constitution or there lack of the word. Madison had wrote about slavery and its issues which divided delegates in many gatherings and those who came together in where slave owners and those against slavery, to discuss slavery in the Constitution. That the wording of “slavery” didn’t appear in the constitution, a sensitive area delegates feared. The Constitution prohibited Congress from doing away with African slave trade for twenty years. It also, counted for a large sum of the populations when determining each states representation in the House of Representatives and electoral votes for president. There were limits on Congress’s power to tax states that had slave property. Also, there where compromises in the constitution that where slavery clauses, to try and find a balance between the slavery pro’s and con’s. Yet, this seemed to embed slavery even more into the colonies and political realms. Slave clause made it possible for slavery to continue till 1808. Then in January of 1808, importation of slavery would not be allowed (Foner, 2012. pp260-262).
How the Constitution Endangered Freedom
Checks and Balances
The second reason is that, those who favored the constitution thought to protect freedom or improve on the Articles of Confederation by the creating and expanding on checks and balances. According to Foner (2012), most delegates wanted a balance in the government. Mason had stressed the importance to a secure, successful government was locating a way to balance the affirmations of liberty and power. Indifference came about over the proper balance between federal and state governments, and interests of large and small states (p. 258).
Madison suggested a powerful central government with an executive branch and two houses of Congress elected according to population which was known as the Virginia Plan. The bigger states gained from this in regards to having more people. Another suggestion was the New Jersey Plan, which suggested one chamber with all states equally represented, regardless of the amount of people (CSU-Global, 2014). In the end there was a...

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