How The Scenes 2,3 And 4,2 From Twelfth Night Could Be Staged

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How The Key Scenes Could Be StagedThe first key scene, Act 2 Scene 3, is set in the kitchen of Olivia's house. The previous scene was set in the street, which is a completely different place. I think to change from the first to the next you would have to divide the stage by a curtain. Behind it Olivia's kitchen could be already set up and in front of it, the street scene could be staged. The curtain could be a background with perhaps some buildings on it. You wouldn't really need very many props for that scene, so after it the divide curtain could go back, and with different lighting the next scene could be played and it would seem like a completely different place.I think Act 2 Scene 3 should be staged with a table in the centre of the stage and the drunken rabble sit at it or stand by it. I think there should be some steps at one side for Malvolio to come down because that will make him higher than the others and that's exactly how he thinks of himself. There could be some props that make it so you can tell it is Olivia's house, for example an expensive looking chair or some flowers around. These things are easy to take away at the end of the scene.The following scene is set at The Duke's Court. To go from the previous scene to this scene you wouldn't need to change all that much. The table could be left where it is and you...

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1813 words - 7 pages ‘performed’ and impersonated through the means of costumes, voices, mannerisms; in other words, disguises. Gender is something that can be influenced, with regards to how you act, as appose to something that you are, referring to the more physical aspects that are associated with the different genders. The relationship between performance and gender is even more complex in both ‘Twelfth Night’ and ‘As You Like It’, more so than most of Shakespeare’s

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1652 words - 7 pages Malvolio was put in ‘Alas poor fool, how have they baffled me’. Shakespeare shows that Olivia cares for Malvolio and could believe what had happened to him. Malvolio might have been working with Olivia’s family for a while. This could link back to the reason why Olivia felt sorry towards Malvolio. Most Masters, Mistress feel tenderness towards their work especially though of a higher working career. In Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre, Bronte from the

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2442 words - 10 pages ' because in the case of Malvolio, Shakespeare is showing how much people dislike Puritans and a lot of the plays comedy is derived from this. The comedy will appeal to the audience if they want something light-hearted and fun. The characters in 'Twelfth Night' are all quite different, letting the play tell us how people thought about each other; for example non-Puritans disliked Puritans, and weren't at all kind to them.

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