How To Get Good Tips Essay

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How To Get Good Tips Having been a waitress for two years I've learned many tricks to getting good tips.First, you've got to be friendly. No one wants to go out to eat to have a good time and get stuck with a server who doesn't smile. Smiling is the most important because it makes a great first impression. However, don't be too friendly or your customers will feel attacked and smothered, and that's the last thing you want.Compliments are another way to get good tips. For example if you are waiting on a women who is wearing a nice hat, tell her that you like her hat. If you are waiting on a women who is wearing the ugliest hat you've ever seen, tell her you like her hat. It's smart to get on your customers' good side from the very beginning, but don't kiss up too much or they will see through it and know you're being fake and insincere. Another smart thing to do is to laugh at their jokes, even the ones that aren't funny or you don't understand.Make small talk. For instance: "Isn't this great weather we're having?" Chit- chat gets the ball rolling and helps make your customers feel comfortable with you. Be informal, not formal. Customers like to feel as if they already know you, like you are old friends.The key to getting good tips is to impress your customers. There are many things you, as a server, can do that are just a part of your job that may be considered impressive. For example: Not dropping anything. I know that in itself it isn't a big deal, but lets say you have one of those big trays that can hold 6 or 7 dinners and you're carrying it above your head with one hand while weaving your way briskly through a crowded dining room. Now that is impressive.Also, not screwing up orders can "wow" your customers, especially if you are the type of server...

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