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How To Make A Leader More Effective?

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How to make a leader more effective?
Everyone has met a leader either through their personal or professional life that has left an impression on them. Unfortunately more often what we remember are those that embody poor leadership skills. However, “Leadership can be thought of as a process designed to maximize the contributions of individuals for their own benefit and that of the organizations to which they belong” (Osborn, 1984, p.3, para.2). Changing poor leaders into effective leaders is the best way to achieve goals and exemplify the skills and values put out by the organization.
There are many reasons a leaders might be considered ineffective. Usually it is that they have failed to conveyed their knowledge, values, vision, or combination of these to their followers. This can cause the leader to justify what they say and do because there is no trust, respect, or commitment in their vision on the part of the follower.
The characteristics of poor leaders can range from abusive, unmotivating, or just no comprehension on how to lead. All of which can be destructive in achieving their purpose and that of whom they represent. Ineffective leadership tactics range from intimidation or bullying, possibly belittling someone them in-front of their peers or others. Others micro-manage, discourage new ideas, and can be controlling when working with individuals who are trying to complete tasks. This can be due to narcissism, or just lack of trust in the competency in those they lead.
Those who are being lead may not live up to their potential due to poor leadership. They may lack knowledge of expectation, tasks, and resources available because it was not properly conveyed to them and thus considered incompetent. Other times they may lake commitment to the project because there are problems with the process and have not been empowered to make changes or given the opportunity to provide feedback. They might feel undermined by the person who is to be coaching and leading them with no reason to do their best.
The company will also suffer too, as they are not getting the best work possible. Subordinates are probably not using their time and resource efficiently to complete tasks. Company’s vision and changes may not be embraced because those within the company may not understand the direction the company is going. They do not want to reward a poor leader with hard work, or don’t respect the company because they don’t respect the leader. Making it counterproductive to what you are trying to accomplish as a company and as a leader. Your people do not respect the company, because the face of leadership for the company does not respect them.
My worst experience with an ineffective leader was Lou Sputnagle. He was condescending and a bully. The only manager that has ever made me cry. I was unmotivated to do anything for him. I was even so depressed about my job and the thought of dealing with Lou, I would call into work sick. ...

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