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How To Study Math (Article Review)

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In the first Arem's article, I have taken a review about those skills in math test-taking. That article lists several skills needed for a student who wants to have a good result in the exam. "Good result" does not mean you will get an A, it just means you do well in the test, at least it satisfies yourself depending on your efforts in preparing for the test. Actually, those skills are just the temporary preparation you need to do for a test among the hundred of ones you have to take during your school time. If you really want a good study method so that you do not have to rush or be worry before the test, you should start from the ways you study math, not the ways you prepare for the math exam. They are all the main points in another article of Arem named Math Study Skills. It has all the skills needed to succeed in math. In this essay, I just want to review some important main points which I think we should notice.This article provides total 26 ideas to succeed in math. Like the other advisor, the first one Arem recommends is always have effective study strategies. I see they are very important because how smart in math or any subjects you are, if you do not have strategies to study, your smartness is still useless. Among those strategies, there is one thing he mentions first which I rarely see in the other articles, that is he talks about choosing Math teachers who " explain concepts clearly, gives fair tests and provide helpful handouts to complement your class notes...". Sometime we just take the course without concerning for instructors, it strongly affects us because the way the teachers delivery their lessons is half of our understanding and either we like the course or not depends on instructors' teaching methods. Let take a fact I know in those classes I took or those I am taking, the first complaints they do when my friends failed on the test are always " I did not understand what he said in class" or " this is not what he gave us on the homework." So the teachers participate an...

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