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Robert Frost once said “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.” “It’s when an emotion has found its thought and the thought finds words. Poetry is a vital language of the heart. Poems rely on the writer’s deep and intensive feelings toward a subject. Poems can help a person find their inner feelings that one could not express directly to someone, but only could explain with pen and paper. Poetry draws on the senses and the senses give deep access to the poet’s inside feelings. It allows a person to be free and clear, that’s why poems are so interesting and fun to write.
To write a poem, you will simply need a single piece of paper, or a notebook based on your preferences, and something to write with. The first step, to write a poem is choosing a topic. You can write about something as simple as a flower, or even the leaves on a tree in fall time, or something as complex as a whole biography. Poems can be brief and short such as this particular poem “What was it?” “The burning, the amazement, the endless sufficiency, the sweet, deep, radiant feeling of tears welling up, was it that?” The poet is clear and brief and explains thoroughly how one might feel when they’re about to cry. Or a poem can be very long with many stanzas and lines. The next step to write a poem is choosing a form for your poem. Since poetry is a kind of musical and focused writing, designed to appeal to emotion and imagination, form is a very important essential to poetry. There are various types of forms, such as the catalog poem which is a Free Verse that lists the poet’s thoughts or feelings on a particular subject. An elegy mourns the loss of something very important to the writer; a Free Verse has no regular rhythm or rhyme. A lyric poem is another form of poetry that expresses the writer’s feelings; a specific type of lyric poem is the ode which celebrates something, and the sonnet is another lyric poem that follows very strict rules. And the last kind of form is the Narrative poem such as the ballad and the epic which tell a story.

The second step, to write a poem is choosing a tone. To choose a tone for your poem you have to think about the kind of attitude your feel toward the subject in which you are writing about. The poem’s tone is the attitude that its style implies. Brian Patten’s ‘A blade of Grass’ has a tone of sad acceptance towards the loss of childlike wonder that could have been accepted. However ‘The Happy Grass,’ by Brendan Kennelly has instead of helpful tone toward the prospect of peace that the grass represents tempered by an awareness that there will be graves on which the grass will grow. Tone can shift throughout a poem ‘A Barred Owl,’ by Richard Wilbur has a first...

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