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How True Is The Debate That New Digital Technologies Has Enhanced Our Ability To Be More Creative And Innovative?

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How true is the debate that New Digital Technologies has enhanced our ability to be more creative and innovative?Companies and individuals alike invest a great amount of capital and time in technology, whereby they very often obtain ordinary results. Indeed ordinary results render an ordinary perception of people towards a company, thus eliminating them from being associated as an innovative or creative entity in the market. The concept of technology is to empower and drive people's foundations of creativity and innovation. It does so by networking people in an array of diverse and efficient ways which allows one another to exchange, enrich, and develop new ideas and concepts in digital form. The difference between creativity and innovation is simply that creativity refers to the ability to generate new ideas, whilst innovation refers to the ability to turn new ideas into reality. More often than not these attributes happen together as creative people are also very likely to be innovative. Creativity without innovation may never have any impact because only the latter ensures that new ideas are implemented This assignment will provide us with a comparable analysis into the benefits reaped from digital technologies in transforming the company into a creative and innovative one, whilst also assessing the manner within which the same technologies can cause a reactive effect throughout company processes.The beneficial ways in which digital technologies has in fact enhanced corporate abilities in being more creative and more innovative are abundant. Eric Jaffe, through one of his many online articles, provides readers with four distinguishing ways in which digital technology aids companies to effectively turn creative ideas into innovative concepts within any corporate infrastructure.The primary way in which innovation is ameliorated is through the information access that all digital technologies behold nowadays. Digital technology acts as the intermediary between an individual and the extensive amounts of available information that may be of effective use to the individual. Jaffe explains that new and diverse information retrieved from such digital platforms has the ability to spark an idea.The second manner within which digital technologies enhances innovation is via job engagement, whereby committed workers are believed to be more likely to utilize digital technologies in a way to pursue ideas to improve corporate concepts. The great thing about digital technology is that we can work from anywhere. This flexible development automatically promotes an augmented sense of engagement with one's occupation since it allows individuals to constantly tackle company matters throughout the day. This job 'extension' is predominantly observed in the world of finance. For example, auditors nowadays are handed their very own corpoate personal computer which connects itself to a company's very own database. This mechanism empowers these employees to not only...

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