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How Would You Account To Feminisation Of Hiv And Aids In Africa

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Feminization of HIV and AIDS is perceived as the proportion of women infected with HIV and AIDS.I can mean that women have a higher prevalence of HIV and AIDS than men, HIV/AIDS is more severe in women than men and there is a trend to greater HIV infection among women than men. The female sub-population is more vulnerable to the pandemic in many biological and psychological susceptibility exist while socio-cultural, gender inequality, poverty, poor access to education, legal factors and economic disadvantages contribute to a disproportionate prevalence among women compared to men.According to the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS (2004) the epidemiological statistics show that today women are more in danger to HIV than men for a variety of biological and social reasons. Vetten (2005) argues that African communities arguably, puts the blame on women and reinforces on patterns of stigma portraying them as either vectors or victims of HIV and AIDS. This epidemic in Africa is exposing the deadly consequences of gender inequities which call for practical solutions to a problem which has catastrophic and ripple effects if no intervention takes place.The UNAIDS (2004) report on the HIV/AIDS pandemic shows that women account for virtually half of all individuals living with HIV/AIDS globally. Africa has more or less 57% of all persons existing with HIV/AIDS being women and in the 15-24 age groups they account for 76% of all infections. This phenomenon of feminization of AIDS appears to be in full swing in Africa. The key question is what should be put in place to curtail or slow down the rate of infection among women. Booysen and Summerton (2002) agree that African leaders and governments should be ready to mount a wide-ranging and unrelenting information, education and communication campaign against risk-behaving practices of men that put women at peril of HIV infection. McIntrye and Sioban (2004) substantiates that these nations should launch and implement a sustained, nationwide crusade against sugar daddies, the use of large sums of money by male clients to encourage sex workers to engage in unprotected sex, the rape of young girls by school teachers, the molestation of young girls by family members and the molestation of street children. African men who have disposable income are at the root of sexual networking in various communities that spread HIV (WHO 2008). Tinker (1990) views that cultural practices that may put women at inconvenience in the struggle against HIV/AIDS should be addressed. Chigwedere (1982) adopts the same notion adding that these practices include lack of proactive opportunities for women to converse sexual traditions and risks with their husbands, cultural expectations of subservience in sexual matters, the culture of wife inheritance after widowhood, and, the lack of property rights for widows or single women even when they have to be guardians. Investment for the long term on female education must be prioritised. According...

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