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Human; relating to or having characteristics of a person(Merriam-Webster). A human is truly just a soul combined with characteristics of other people, and this is proven by Jenna Fox; the main character in The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson. After finding out what her body is made up of, Jenna along with other characters think she is not human. Despite this Jenna Fox has always had the key elements it takes to be a human been. Jenna for one has a past and memories that make up her life even after the accident. More importantly it is unfair to call her a “monster” when she shows characteristics similar to that of other humans. Needless to say, Jenna just as any other human isn’t perfect, and she later learns that in order to be one hundred percent human she must have the same chances of succeeding in life as any other human would. Jenna Fox is human because she has a soul regardless of her differences.

Jenna has a past and memories that make up who she is regardless of the Jenna before the accident. Memories are vital because they make up an identity and every human has an identity. After waking up from a coma, Jenna doesn’t know her identity which leads her to think that she is not human. When Jenna started remembering who she once was, Jenna shaped into her old personality. Jenna shows this when she goes to Lily for help and Lily says, “Why are you telling me this and not your parents? I’m surprised she would ask. Is she testing me? We both know the answer. Because I always have” (Pearson 186). Jenna’s identity makes her who she is. She remembered the close bond she once had with Lily and regained a small part of Jenna Fox’s identity. More importantly Jenna realizes that she still has the same memories she did before, despite having a smaller percentage of the old Jenna. When Jenna first realizes that her brain was only ten percent of the original, she was constantly living in fear wondering if ten percent was really enough. When Jenna begins to remember her memories, she begins to accept that she is the same person. This is proven when Jenna is talking to Lily in the garage, and she says,”It frightened me at first, but now, somehow it comforts me. Like I have every bit of who I was, maybe even more than the Jenna I used to be ever had”(Pearson 185). Jenna’s definition of identity is no longer associated with percentages but instead it is replaced by memories. Jenna’s fear of not being human didn’t let her see that she is the same person and after overcoming this fear she finally understands who she is. Jenna is human because she exhibits a human element; memories.

Even before Jenna remembers her identity, she proves to be a human by displaying human characteristics throughout the book. Human characteristics are something Jenna has always had, but she fails to understand this in the beginning of the book. An essential human characteristic that Jenna displays is that she is unique and although she feels that being...

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